The “Oh Geez, Almost Forgot” Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Jax Beer. Real beer taste – Jax!

Was sitting here thinking that it’s unusual for me not to be busy on a Sunday afternoon, then I realized I hadn’t done this one…

I hope to talk to Kip this evening. The news is kind of a mixed bag, but it’ll be good to talk with him.

You might have noticed that some of my posts are coming out later than they had been. I’m finding I get a lot more tired early, and as such it’s gotten easy to say "Ah, I’ll wait until tomorrow." I’ve been sleeping really well, so I don’t want to push it.

Here’s what this week brought us…

It was guest conductor Robin’s daughter’s birthday, and she likes wizards and magic, so I made her a playlists that talked about magic and spells and stuff.

Answered questions about whether there’s an inherent order in the Universe, how to define Infinity, whether observation alters an event, and whether I like balloons.

Wrote synopses of Episode 5 ("Flight of the Valkyrie") and Episode 6 ("The Prisoner’s Prisoner") from Season 1. I’m starting to get the hang of this, and you’ll probably see more than two this week.

I did the "next 10" songs from 1969 this past week, so you know what’s coming this week.

I saw a pretty good quote in one of my spam comments, so I used that as my one-liner for this week.

Our challenges this week: find a song that had a country in the title, a song with a color in the title, and a profession in the title. Not too difficult…

The prompt was a picture of an aye-aye, a member of the lemur family and a funny-looking one at that.

My throwback song was "Viva Tirado" by El Chicano, from 1970.

In my most-recent battle, Chet Atkins defeated Johnny Smith on "Walk, Don’t Run" (which ironically was written by Johnny). Next Battle is this Thursday, when the challenge song will be Fats Waller’s "Jitterbug Waltz."

Was running late on Thursday, so I went all stream-of-consciousness on the prompt, "Fast." I talked all about jokes I didn’t understand as a kid, a religious fast, and the fast pain relief you got from Anacin, and ended up talking about caffeine, of all things.

Shared five instrumentals that were done by jazzmen that made the pop charts.

The prompt was "hope," and I bounced around all the times I know that the word came up, including Hope Summers.

Freebie Day tomorrow on MMMM, and I’ll be sharing a couple of young musicians I think you’ll like. I’m doing 1970 on Tuesday, and several more Hogan’s Heroes episodes throughout the week. And, we’ll have another Battle of the Bands on Thursday. That and all the regular features this week. Be there or be square…

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