Simply 6 Minutes: Paradise (?)

This week’s prompt is the idyllic scene seen above. Kind of looks like a Sandals resort, from what I’ve heard people say about them and what I’ve seen on Wheel of Fortune, which gives away a lot of trips to Sandals resorts.

I’ve never been to one, myself. I don’t swim and I burn easily, the joy of a redhead’s complexion. I should have been a redhead, according to Mom, and I seem to have everything but the red hair. I do, or at least did, have red highlights when I was younger. Not anymore, since I inherited my mother’s side of the family’s tendency to go gray early. The red hair comes from Dad’s side of the family, though Dad didn’t have red hair, either. Most of my Holton cousins are, or at least were, redheads.

Have to stay on track here. My train of thought hopped the tracks there for a minute…

Yhe resort picture above looks like a nice place to go, if you’re into that sort of thing. Lots of palm trees, a few chaises longues and sun umbrellas… I can’t quite make out what the building is. A bar, perhaps, or some sort of outdoor eatery. I think that’s where I’d be, under the overhang and protected by the sun.

It’d be interesting to see a show like Cheers done in this sort of atmosphere, wouldn’t it? Now, of course, someone’s going to come along and tell me what the show is. Anyway, we’re out of time.

Christine Bialczak runs Simply 6 Minutes.

9 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Paradise (?)

  1. I miss that show! Hahaha! I love traveling and haven’t gone on a vacation since losing my husband three years ago. I will again! Thanks for participating! I, too, apparently have some red hair in my family. Once when I was a young girl I bleached my entire head with a bottle of peroxide and my hair was strawberry blond.


    1. “Wheel of Fortune,” you mean? It’s still going and getting ready to start season 39. As they say inthe TV business, check your local listings. It’s usually back-to-back with “Jeopardy.”

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  2. That looks like some gazebo where weddings take place. I would much rather dream that it is a swim up bar. I am very fair skinned and naturally blond although grey is coming round the mountain. I have been to all inclusive places twice and it is nice when you drink, eat, and swim. I like all 3 but I am not a sun worshipper plus, after a while, I would love to explore so give me anywhere in Europe.

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    1. I love the looks of the swim up bars! I think I recall seeing one once when I went to Cancun a very long time ago but we didn’t go in the pool at that point,


  3. My idea of a resort is a cabin in the mountains. I am fair-skinned and even though I can get a tan, I stay out of the sun and I wear sunscreen.

    On my father’s side of the family, most of us were redheads. With an Irish name like O’keeffe, seems fitting doesn’t it? My hair stayed red until my 60’s, and then it turned pale blond and now it is pure white. It’s a nice color and I get a lot of compliments on it.


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