Writers Workshop: It Goes…

I belong to a group on LiveJournal called "Vintage Ads," and the other day someone posted this ad for Wembley Ties. The nice thing about Wembley ties is that they tell you what color suit or sport jacket and pants the ties go with. Best of all, they use "guy colors," like "brown," "black," "blue," and "gray," so a guy has a reasonably good chance of getting a tie that matches the suit.

Now, I understand: there are hundreds of shades of blue (e.g. royal blue, navy blue, sky blue, cadet blue etc.), but your average guy is not going to be quite that exact about the color of his clothes. When they go into a department store to buy a tie, most of the time they’re not going to have the suit with them, so they walk up to the counter and say "I need a tie to go with a brown suit," the clerk, who’s probably also a guy, is going to show him brown ties.

I realize, of course, that there are very few department stores of the type I grew up with, and more often than not buying a tie these days is a self-service affair, so the tag on the back that says "Wear with blue, gray, or black suit" is absolutely essential.

For that matter, who wears a tie these days, anyway? Plenty of people, actually, such as the guy who helps you pick out a tie at a department store. Until the last few years of my twenty year job, I always wore a tie in the classroom. I’d carry it with me and put it on when I got to work, frequently in the classroom with clients there. I was able to tie a fairly good Windsor knot in a tie and have it come out correctly most of the time, even without a mirror. In fact, I don’t think I could look in a mirror and tie a tie correctly.

I’m happy I’m retired and don’t have to wear a tie anymore…

11 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: It Goes…

  1. I love vintage ads, but usually just to laugh at. My father, who is in his 70s now, probably wore a tie once or twice in his entire life. At least, I remember him buying one for one of my sister’s elementary school parties, but he never liked it. I don’t even think he wore one to either my or my sister’s weddings.


    1. Ties are pretty useless, when you get down to it. They get stained really easily and are almost impossible to clean. It’d be one thing if you could throw them in the wash or hand-wash them, but they almost always have to be dry-cleaned, which costs a fortune and rarely gets the stain completely out. The world is better without them…

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      1. Yes, I completely agree. I loved your post about matching them though. Until I read it, I always assumed color matching was pretty straightforward.


  2. I don’t think I could tie a tie if my life depended on it. I remember a teacher once talking about how education seemed to tank when kids stopped dressing up for school. You take things more seriously when you dress the part. When you wear sweats to school you’re more slumpy and might rest your head on your desk. But if you’re dressed up, your posture straightens and you’re ready to take on the day. Maybe a tie is just what Kainoa needs to behave at home! 😉


  3. Some vintage Ads from the 50s leave me gobsmacked with how women must stay in the kitchen and be happy to serve her man. I saw one where he is spanking her with a hairbrush! I can’t recall what they were selling but icchhh. My hubby has 3 or 4 ties and wears one once every 5 years…hahahaa.


    1. I think the hairbrush ad was for making lousy coffee. The ones that get me are the ads suggesting you should douche with Lysol…

      I will likely never wear a tie again. I’m going to be cremated, so there’s no reason to get all dressed up…


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