Least Favorite Word? #socs

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

I’m not sure that I have a "least favorite" word. Words are simply amalgamations of letters, diacritical marks, and occasionally hyphens. They can be strung together into sentences. Now, the sentences can cause problems, and certainly I hear plenty of sentences that I don’t like, but again, the words are pretty neutral. Throw any word out there, and in and of itself there’s nothing bad about it.

I remember a story I read in grade school where a man was insulting a woman by calling her, among other things, a parallelogram. I guess anything sounds bad when you’re arguing with someone.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Wiedemann’s Beer. Only Wiedemann’s fills the bubbles with flavor, live flavor!

27 thoughts on “Least Favorite Word? #socs

  1. I have less issues with actual words than the way people speak. I have noticed more women seem to speak nasally and I hate that plus the younger gals seem to draw out the last word they say and end it with adding a “a” to it. I want to send them to school on the proper way of speaking. The same goes for young men who mumble or speak certain sentences incorrectly like “He did good.” I am the first to say, I screw up the grammar and I have been told I have an accent(Canadian) but I hate that nasal.


    1. Oddly enough, we’ve had relatively cool and rainy weather here in the Southeast. The Pacific Northwest, on the other hand, got hit with triple-digit temps (that’s over 40° centigrade) a while back. I’m sure that we’ll be sweltering by August…

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  2. I started out feeling the same way – I couldn’t think of a word to write about. Every word has the potential to do good or harm. I don’t really hate any word, except maybe the word hate. So then I just ranted. Oh well, such is life for the time being. Now you’ve got me down the rabbit hole reading Mencken quotes, thank you πŸ˜‰
    Did you ever try that beer? I don’t recall ever hearing of it before? Cheers to you and Mary!


    1. No, I can’t say I have. The brewery is in Newport, Kentucky, which is near Cincinnati. I have had Hudepohl, the one on today’s ad; that’s also made in Cincinnati. I spent a lot of time there at one point. They are absolutely still making Hudepohl. Milwaukee and Cincinnati both had big German populations, so you see a lot of Breweries in both…

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  3. That’s the thing. Ban one, they’ll come up with another. Not that I’m opposed to banning the worst of the epithets, but it is ultimately useless in the anti-bullying fight…

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    1. Ultimately it’s worthless to try and ban any expression or word or group of words or other utterances, because then people just get creative, and soon no one can say anything and people will just revert to what they were saying in the first place…

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