The Mid-July Week That Was

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It’s been busy here now that I’ve added the Hogan’s Heroes summaries to the mix. I find myself asking "what am I forgetting to do?" and freaquently am trying to do two or three things at once. But I don’t mind.

I figured out the other day that I haven’t been out of the house since the Friday before Memorial Day. And it hasn’t bothered me. Before the "pandemic," if I went more than a couple of days without getting out, I’d go nuts. Now, it’s as though if I never get out of the house again, it won’t bother me. Is that wrong?

Anyway, let’s get to the summary.

I’ve set up an index page for the Episode summaries and other writing I do related to Hogan’s Heroes, which you can find here. It’s a permanent page, and as such listed with all the other permanent pages in the right-hand column.

I did four summaries this week, for Season 1 episodes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

If you haven’t voted in my latest Battle, between The Vince Guaraldi Trio and The Bobby Hutcherson Quartet on the song "Jitterbug Waltz," be sure you vote by Wednesday at midnight. I’ll tally the votes and announce the winner on Thursday.

I shared the playing of Anastasia Tyurina, a 10-year-old balalaika player from Tambov Oblast in Russia. She’s a tremendous talent and I hope she gets more international attention as she gets older. This week’s MMMM features songs about animals; next week I’ll feature another young woman from Russia.

This week we were asked if we could think of anything that would be better if it were a different color, whether we thought cats had any regrets, whether we count our steps when we walk, and whether there was a Supreme Power.

I counted down songs #11-20 on the 1971 year-end Billboard Hot 100. We continue our quest this week with 1972.

I shared an idea that I found on Lamebook for all the authors out there.

I shared songs about a place (The Beatles, "There’s a Place"), one with a girl’s name in the title (Edison Lighthouse, "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes"), and one that mentions weather (Chet Atkins, "Windy and Warm").

We started with a picture of what looks like an outdoor lounge area at a Sandals resort, and I wrote about how they were really not my idea of a fun place to go, but that the place looked nice.

I chose the prompt where I based my post on the word "match," and wrote about the delicate matter of choosing a tie that goes along with a suit. It sounds like it should be easy, but for a lot of guys it isn’t. (Men are more prone to color blindness.)

I chose five instrumental TV theme songs, from the ’50’s and the ’60’s. This week we’ll do some more.

The prompt was "our least favorite word," and I don’t really have one, not that I’ve ever let that stop me.

Yes, I know: I skipped "the week ahead." That section has never really been as good as I thought it could be, so I’ll leave it out this week and see if anyone misses it.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was.

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  1. I think you should definitely get out of the house, if only to go for a walk…I don’t mean to step out of line but fresh air is good for the soul ❤ Blessings my blogger friend ❤ .


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