Share Your World For July 19, 2021

It’s that time of the week! Melanie asks the questions, and I sorta-kinda answer them…

Are justice and the law necessarily the same thing? In a word, no. In five words, no no no no no.

Which kitchen appliance do you use every day? I don’t use any. Mary, on the other hand, uses the percolator, the electric kettle, the microwave oven, and depending what she’s making for dinner, the Breville oven, the range, or the Instant Pot.

I just liked the way this looked…

What is one thing you’ll never do again? Drive, play the guitar, write with a pen. Losing the function of your dominant hand really sucks.

Takes my mind off the last answer

What event escalated very quickly? I guess I’ll have to say Covid because I can’t think of anything else right now…

Feel free to share something that made you feel good from the past week! Kip continues to improve. He’s in therapy now at the hospital and is scheduled to go home in a week. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!

23 thoughts on “Share Your World For July 19, 2021

  1. Good news that Kip is going home in a week.

    I’ll add one more no to your first answer. Perfect response. Say it with me … no! Okay 7 no’s for good measure 😂


    1. I just got off the phone with Kip, as a matter of fact. The difference even between last week and this is like night and day.

      Mary had the idea of making flash cards to help people who had a hard time saying “no.” They all just say “no.”

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  2. I am so very glad your brother is on the mend and that you have been able to speak with him. It must be so frustrating to have lost your side where you can’t write etc…I have no idea how that feels except when I sprained my total arm leading to my wrist. I have also sprained my hand, fingers etc… Not being able to write, lift anything, pick up the remote, I would forget and the sharp pain reminded me. I will never ever go on the Zipper ride. I had 2 drinks and my friend convinced me to try. I screamed so blood curdling that the guy stopped the ride and had me get off. My friend thought it was fun. I agree with you on question #1. I use the toaster, microwave and the steamer every day. I think the right-wing fanatical insurgents who stormed the Capital was unexpected and so very, very wrong. I enjoyed the garden with the blooms and butterflies. It feels like a little oasis.


    1. My right side is much better than it was right after the stroke. I literally couldn’t move anything. Such as it is, it came back quickly with therapy. I just talked with Kip, and he sounded like his old self…


  3. Thank you John for Sharing Your World. What wonderful news about your brother, I’m glad he is doing so well! That stove ad was so elegant, I guess they really knew how to sell in those days (and i think that particular style of range/stove was in a few of my apartments).. Hmm. Great answers to all the questions of course! Funny gifs too! See YOU in the funny papers!


    1. In the ’60’s and ’70’s, they really put a lot of effort behind the commercials. They were typically a minute long and the entire ad was perfectly scripted. Now? Not so much.


        1. I know the feeling. There are times that I’m sitting here writing late at night and the words all come out in the wrong order, and finally I say “I think I’ll do this in the morning.” Don’t worry about it…


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