Top Ten Tuesday: 1972, The Next 10

Up to 1972 already! Have I really been doing this that long? Counting down the #11 through #20 songs on the year-end Hot 100 for 1972.

#20 – Michael Jackson, "Ben": A beautiful love song to a rat. The song spent a week at #1 in the US and Australia.

#19 – The Staples Singers, "I’ll Take You There": I talked about this recently. It was one of two #1’s they had during the ’70’s.

#18 – The Stylistics, "Betcha By Golly, Wow": Did you know that Connie Stevens did this originally, in 1970 as "Keep Growing Strong"? The Stylistics had the big hit with this, reaching #2 on the Hot 100 and #3 on the R&B chart, and the record went Gold by April 1972.

#17 – Neil Young, "Heart Of Gold": This is Neil’s only #1 single in the US. It also went to #1 in Canada.

#16 – Luther Ingram, "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right": I’m surprised Luther didn’t have more success in his career. This went to #1 on the R&B chart and #3 on the Hot 100.

#15 – Chuck Berry, "My Ding-A-Ling": A novelty song originally recorded by Dave Bartholomew, this ended up being Chuck’s only #1 in the US. Hard to believe, but true.

#14 – Gallery, "It’s So Nice To Be With You": On American Bandstand in February 1972, this got a "lousy" rating of 57.5 (on a scale of 35 to 98), and yet, when Gallery appeared on AB in May, they played this song because it reached #4 on the Pop chart. It was an international Top 5. No accounting for taste…

#13 – The Chi-Lites, "Oh Girl": This was their first and only #1 on the Hot 100, which is kind of surprising, but maybe that’s just my perspective.

#12 – Looking Glass, "Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)": A classic of the Jersey Shore sound, this reached #1 in the US and Canada.

#11 – Al Green, "Let’s Stay Together": This came out in November 1971 and reached #1 on the Hot 100 and the R&B chart, going Gold in the US, the UK, and Italy. Rolling Stone magazine ranks it at #60 on their Top 500 Records of All Time.

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for July 20, 2021.

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 1972, The Next 10

  1. Interesting list John
    That song about a rat is a little creepy – ? But maybe it is that we know MJ’s sad latter years and also what his family was going thru during early years so I that is all I see when I see old videos of MJ


    1. That was actually the theme song for a movie called “Ben” which was about a rat. I think the song was up for an Academy Award. Michael and the rest of the Jacksons had a hard life. He had the most success and the most problems, I think…

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  2. Funny how some songs make it big and others dont but ate so famous now. Love Ding-A-Ling. I remember when Ben came out even though I was 8. It scared the hell out of me. Some fun ones to listen to here.


  3. This was the year I graduated from high school and embarked on my journey into the military. This is a very familiar and much loved list for me.


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