Hogan’s Heroes: Season 1 Ep 12, “The Scientist”

LOGLINE: Corporal LeBeau pretends to be a visiting French scientist while Hogan smuggles out the real one.

The Germans bring a civilian to Stalag 13, and Schultz is bribed/pressured into telling the Heroes that it’s Dr. Henry DuBois, a French scientist who is working on creating a synthetic fuel. Hogan brings LaBeau with him to Klink’s office and volunteers him to help DuBois.

LeBeau meets DuBois and confronts him on why he’s working with the Germans. DuBois says that he and his daughter were captured as they tried to escape France, and they are holding his daughter to ensure his cooperation, and that he’s been working on different experiments to kill time. LeBeau suggests that the two of them make crepes Suzette.

Hogan decides to help them escape, and while LeBeau gets DuBois out of camp in Schnitzer’s truck, Hogan and Newkirk, dressed as Gestapo officers, go to the hotel to get the daughter.

With father and daughter safely on their way to England, Hogan breaks it to Klink that DuBois has escaped. Klink is terrified: the Germans are sending a Professor Altman the next day to meet DuBois and check his work. Klink and Hogan get LeBeau to impersonate DuBois the next day.

Hogan asks Carter, who works at a drug store in Muncie, Indiana, to teach LeBeau some chemistry. Carter says he can’t help, that the extent of his job was selling candy, cigarettes, magazines, etc., but has a book on pharmacy that he lends LeBeau.

Altman and a German officer, Captain Krug, arrive at Stalag 13 and LeBeau, as DuBois, greets them, then introduces his "assistant" (Newkirk). Newkirk plies the professor and Krug with plenty of wine as LeBeau bluffs his way through a demonstration of what he’s been "working on," telling Altman that his synthetic fuel works as a nasal decongestant. Altman is satisfied that all is well (more likely, he’s too drunk to care), and he and Krug leave.

Hogan reports to Klink that all went well, but Klink is still worried that they haven’t found DuBois and that Altman will be back the next day. Hogan tells him not to worry, that DuBois was killed in an explosion in his lab.


  • Bob Crane as Hogan
  • Werner Klemperer as Klink
  • John Banner as Schultz
  • Robert Clary as LeBeau
  • Richard Dawson as Newkirk
  • Ivan Dixon as Kinchloe
  • Larry Hovis as Carter
  • Cynthia Lynn as Helga
  • Maurice Marsac as DuBois
  • Jayne Massey as DuBois’s daughter
  • Parley Baer as Altman
  • Bard Stevens as Captain Krug
  • Walter Janowitz as Schnitzer

By far, the funniest part for me is Hogan trashing the hotel to let the Germans know he means business.

Parley Baer, who played Mayor Stoner in The Andy Griffith Show, turns up regularly on Hogan’s Heroes in various roles. Howard Morris (who played Ernest T. Bass on Andy Griffith) directed this episode.

Coming soon: Episode 13!

11 thoughts on “Hogan’s Heroes: Season 1 Ep 12, “The Scientist”

  1. That is so funny and I don’t remember this episode. Shot, Killed, sent to the Russian Front…Mix it up. That made me laugh so much. Crane was great in this. It is very funny and it shows how they protect Klink too.


  2. I agree- the best part of the episode- Hogan breaking everything up in the hotel- and the Nazi’s falling for it . And again the Andy connection with Stoner [maybe the most unlikable character on Andy- not counting Helen Grump – and the beloved Ernest T directing!


    1. That’s the kind of stuff you expect from an episode directed by Howard Morris. “Court martialled and shot, or sent to the Russian front?” “I don’t care, mix them up”… HAHAHAHAHA!

      Just about any of the women Andy dated would have been better than Helen. Even Daphne the party girl (“hello, doll”).

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