Fancy Colors #socs

Or, as the band Chicago would say, "Fancy Colours." From Chicago, their second album.

J-Dub talked about how her prom was named after Chicago’s other "Colour" song, "Colour My World." A lot of senior proms in the mid-to-late ’70’s used that as the theme for theirs. I told J-Dub that I went to my girlfriend’s prom, which was not "Colour My World," because the sister of the guy who wrote the song was a classmate, and they figured she was pretty sick of it. By that time, a lot of us were. Thanks to every radio station in the country playing it over and over, it had become an EBS Special.

There’s a company called Pantone who specialize in color consulting and creation. Every year they choose two colors as the "Color Of The Year." These are the colors for this year.

They’ve named these colors "Illuminating" and "Ultimate Gray." Most of us, guys especially, would call them "yellow" and "gray."

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14 thoughts on “Fancy Colors #socs

  1. I don’t remember “Fancy Colors.” “Color My World,” of course was the short slow song played toward the end of the evening. I like that particular yellow with a hint of orange in it. The gray reminds me of slate gray.


  2. why yellow and grey? It’s so weird when people state these are the colours. Bold yellow and basic grey. I have not heard this song before so it is interesting how much it was part of your high school time. Our was always Stairway To Heaven. It was always funny to watch everyone slow dance only to get all confused when it started going fast at the end.


    1. That was my question about the colors. They’re really kind of blah together, though I can see wearing a yellow shirt with a gray suit.


        1. They’re actually pretty good together, and I bet they look very nice together on a card. I just can’t see doing an office in them.


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