Song of the Day: Lynda Carter, “Toto (Don’t It Feel Like Paradise)”

The happiest of birthdays to the lovely actress Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman on the series of the same name from 1975 through 1979. She is also a singer and songwriter who started professionally with a band called The Relatives, whose drummer was Gary Burghoff, who played Radar O’Reilly in both the movie and TV versions of M*A*S*H. Lynda’s first album, Portrait, was released in 1978, and included "Toto (Don’t It Feel Like Paradise)," which she wrote with C. Siller and Bill Cuomo. She performed it on the episode of Wonder Woman titled "Amazon Hot Wax."

14 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Lynda Carter, “Toto (Don’t It Feel Like Paradise)”

  1. Her voice suits that style of music and she does have a great voice. I bet there are many who were in TV that sang and danced but we have no idea.


    1. A very talented woman, for certain. The only other actress/singer I could think of at this late hour is Minnie Driver (and she plays guitar well, too).


  2. No idea she was a singer or songwriter. She has a very Karen Carpenter sound to her voice and style.


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