The End Of July (Already?!) Week That Was

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Kip will be home later today. Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already 7/12 of the way through the year. It feels like we just got started.

I think having been in the house since Memorial Day has started to take its toll. I’m tired all the time and nap pretty often during the day. And have I been having the dreams. They’re getting more complicated, too.

Anyway, here’s the week’s summary…

Got summaries written for episodes 11 and 12 this week. I’m doing my best to keep the summary page up to date as well.

Robin, who’s guest conductor for one more week, asked for animal songs, so she got them. This week I’ll feature another Russian young lady, so be sure and be with us.

Big news here is that I made my own badge, which you see above. Maybe that’ll be my new theme: use test cards as badges… Anyway, Melanie wanted to know if justice and the law were the same thing, what kitchen appliance(s) we use every day, one thing I’ll never do again, and what event escalated quickly.

A few folks have been doing this challenge and I thought it looked fun, so I joined in on Monday. Rory issues the questions on Saturday, so I did it a second time. Mary B, who has a similar challenge on Wednesday, decided to join in as well, so that seems to be growing.

We counted down positions 11 through 20 on the year end Hot 100 for 1972. We seem to be getting into familiar territory here. We’ll do 1973 this week.

This week’s one-liner was an astute observation on Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle and its applicability to today’s world. Sounds like the name of an academic paper, doesn’t it?

Yes, even though Mary and I are both doing Rory’s challenge, we’e still doing this. Music from Leonid & Friends, The Sandpipers, and Howlin’ Wolf was featured.

The prompt I chose was to write something based on the word "first," and my essay was about being the first-born in the family.

In my most recent battle, where the Bobby Hutcherson Quartet went head-to-head with the Vince Guaraldi Trio on the song "Jitterbug Waltz," Bobby edged Vince, 5-4. Next Battle is next Sunday. Be there or be square!

I shared six more instrumental TV themes. There are quite a few good ones. I might have to dig out my old TV themes posts…

The prompt was "colour/color" and I wrote about prom names in the mid-’70’s and the work of the Pantone organization, which is all about coming up with new colors, naming hem, and getting people to use them.

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  1. That’s wonderful news that Kip will be going home! A busy and hot week, John, and seems the year is flying by. Btw, I like your new badge.


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