My Most Recent Photo #socs

I take very few pictures. I can’t handle the camera on my phone, because I can’t hold it steady. I can just about take a picture of a check that I want to deposit and send it off to the bank, because they’re rather forgiving. If I need a picture that badly, I ask Mary to take it for me.

The picture above was taken with the Photo Booth application on my laptop. I was asked if I could roll my tongue, and decided I’d just take a picture. This I can handle, because I can set my laptop on a level surface and get the picture.

I’m wearing headphones, because whenever I try playing music through the speakers Mary tells me to put my headphones on because I’m disturbing her. I wear headphones most of the time I’m on the computer because I might need to build a playlist, because that’s about 75% of what I do on this blog anyway. Or I might want to sit around and play videos for myself, or music from Spotify or any of the other apps I use to play music to myself.

Or a commercial video….

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Busch Bavarian Beer, America’s new taste in beer!

27 thoughts on “My Most Recent Photo #socs

  1. Cheers to Busch Bavarian (I never tried it, but the commercial was fun to watch!). Did you know that not every person can roll their tongue like that? It’s a genetic thing. It’s quite hilarious to watch someone who doesn’t have the gene try to roll their tongue.


        1. The Bud commercial that absolutely kills me when I see it is the one where the guy raises a Clydesdale and sells it to Budweiser, then goes to a parade, sees the horse, and as he’s getting into his car the horse runs to him at full gallop.

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  2. Tongue rollers make it look so easy. I used to try to roll my tongue, but gave up. I just tried one more time. It’s very hard to get any kind of fold. I think it’s time to accept reality. This is not one of my gifts. Roll on, John.


  3. I can roll my tongue too. Did you know that it is can either do this or not, one can’t learn it. I like the funness of your pic and if that word doesn’t exist…oh well. I would love to hear my brother yodel for beer…maybe not. Love the 50s/60s cartoon look.


  4. You know, and I’m sure you’ve NEVER heard this before, but you look amazingly like Santa Claus. Hey Kris Kringle! Bring us a Covid free world next December, would ya? There’s a nice elf! (the picture is amazingly cute btw).


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