Five For Friday: The Brass Ring

Last week, I played "The Dis-Advantages of You" by a group called The Brass Ring. As I mentioned then, "The Brass Ring was a group of studio musicians led by saxophonist Phil Bodner, similar to bands such as The Tijuana Brass and other "Now Sound" instrumental pop groups from the ’60’s." They recorded seven studio albums and issued one "Best Of" album between 1966 and 1970, and placed several singles on the Adult Contemporary/Easy Listening chart. Their highest charting single was "The Dis-Advantages Of You," which reached #10 on the AC chart.

  1. "Love Theme From ‘The Flight Of The Phoenix’": Title track from their second album, issued in 1966. The song reached #21 on the Adult Contemporary chart and #32 on the Hot 100.

  2. "Lara’s Theme": Title track from their first album, also issued in 1966. Peaked at #36 on the AC chart and #128 on the "Bubbling Under" chart.

  3. "Samba de Orfeu": Also from Lara’s Theme, reached #25 on the AC chart.

  4. "Gazpacho": Title track from their second 1968 release.

  5. "Love In The Open Air": From their first 1968 release, The Now Sound Of The Brass Ring, a song by Paul McCartney.

A full playlist, with all their songs, is here. That’s Five For Friday for August 6, 2021.

8 thoughts on “Five For Friday: The Brass Ring

    1. I think those are the only videos on YouTube of them as well. Have you ever considered getting a VPN, which would allow you to make it appear that you were in the US?


        1. A VPN is pretty simple, really. It’s a program you install and start. It runs in the background and routes all your Internet traffic through a server somewhere else. I pay about $80 for Norton VPN, but there are others. Another one I’ve heard of is NordVPN. It’s actually pretty easy to set up. Many browsers (Firefox, Opera, Brave and one or two others) have the VPN built in. It’s a thought…


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