Song of the Day: Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, “Wee Wee Baby”

Leo Fender, founder of the Fender Musical Instrument Company, which has produced guitars and amplifiers used by rock, surf, blues, jazz, and country guitarists since the end of World War II, was born on this date in 1909. Whether it was Fender or Les Paul who invented the solid-body electric guitar, both men contributed to the technology and brought the electric guitar forward more than anyone else. In the following clip, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, and Robert Cray are all playing Fender Stratocasters (and Fender has developed signature instruments for all of them) and Richard Cousins is playing a Fender Precision bass. They’re joined by Johnny Johnson on piano and (I believe) David Olson on drums.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, “Wee Wee Baby”

  1. These are guitar gods who helped create the idiom which is the electric blues guitar as we know it today, and why people learn to play. We cannot go to a festival to hear Chopin, Liszt, and Anton Rubenstein play piano together, but we are fortunate that we can hear, have, and share this.

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    1. And you really have three generations of blues guitar here, Buddy Guy is the last of the generation that came north in The Great Migration, Eric Clapton is part of the generation of British guitarists that discovered the blues in the late ’50’s and shaped their music around it, and Robert Cray represents the generation that grew up listening to Buddy, Eric and their compatriots as well as rock, R&B and soul and has been creating music that’s still the blues but with a more modern take. The respect, admiration, and love that the three of them have for each other is incredible.


    1. It would have, and had I remembered this song (which had fallen into my memory banks since I first heard it almost 50 years ago) I probably would have used it.


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