Hogan’s Heroes: Programming Note

I knew things were going too smoothly…

In order to write my synopses of the Hogan’s Heroes episodes, I’ve been relying on the videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, the videos have been removed, most likely by YouTube. I’ve ordered the full series on DVD, which should be arriving sometime next week, and once I get it, I’ll start posting the synopses again. You might say it was one of those "due to circumstances beyond our control" things.

Sorry for the delay…

12 thoughts on “Hogan’s Heroes: Programming Note

  1. Why would Youtube do that? I don’t understand but glad you are getting the boxed set. I wonder how Robert Clary is doing. He has been on my mind recently.


    1. It might have been the owner’s choice to close his channel, or YouTube might have received intellectual property complaints and closed the channel down.

      For a long time, Robert Clary was traveling around the US and Canada speaking about his experiences at Auschwitz, but I hear he’s retired from that now. I guess at 95 he got a little tired of it. There are a couple of interviews with him on YouTube. He’s a very interesting man…


  2. It’s weird how that happens. I sometimes post a video that’s been up on YT for many years, only to have it disappear from YT within hours of my posting it, leaving my post with that ugly gray box. It’s really irritating.


    1. I might end up making my own videos. I’ve already done 14 episodes and embedded the YT videos. There was a user who called himself the “45 Prof” who posted a lot of digitized versions of 45 and 78 rpm records, and I used his videos when I was building my Top Ten lists. YouTube yanked him down and all those playlists I built are basically trash now…

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  3. I hate when they do that. In a year they will probably be back up. The Twilight Zone is bad also…I can only find the Rod’s opening narration on some of them.

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