The Assumption Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Falstaff Beer, for man-sized pleasure!

Today is the Feast of the Assumption in the Catholic Church, the day when we believe that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, died and was taken into Heaven before any decomposition took place. As a priest friend of mine once said, we’ve never found any earthly trace of her here, so we assume she was taken to heaven.

I’m expecting my DVD’s of the entire run of Hogan’s Heroes tomorrow or (more likely) Tuesday. As I mentioned, I had to put the project of summarizing the episodes on hold because I no longer had access to the videos on YouTube. That’s life in the big city. You’d think, after having seen all of them multiple times, I’d be able to write them all from memory, but such is not the case.

It’s been a good week. Here’s what happened…

For no reason other than it was a freebie day and I got to chose, I gave a dozen songs about trains. Tomorrow, songs from a secret decade…

Melanie had a couple of thought provoking questions, including whether we thought it was OK to go out in crowds and mingle, what we thought it was OK to do occasionally but not all the time, whether we’d relocate for love, and whether we believe in any "conspiracy theories."

We looked at the #11 thru #20 songs on the 1975 year-end Hot 100. They were kind of lame. I hope 1976 brings us better music, because that’s what we’re doing Tuesday…

This week’s one-liner was by H. L. Mencken, "The Bard Of Baltimore." It’s one of my favorites.

Mary wanted songs with "love" in the title, with a number in the title, and with a sport in the title. Naturally, I obliged.

I answered the question about what motivates me. I talked about my sure-fire method to get the taxes done every year.

The prompt was a picture of an orangutan, which by now everyone knows that "orangutan" and "Holton" both mean the same thing. Anyway, it led me down the path of finding lost relatives.

I featured the music of orchestra leader Les Baxter, one of the initial creators of "exotica" music.

Linda’s prompt was "luck," and I went off in all different directions, explaining the difference between a four-leaf clover and a shamrock, and talked about the song "I’m Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover."

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  1. August 15th always invokes all sorts of memories for me. Cheers to you John. May your Hogan Heroes DVDs arrive safely as promised.


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