Five For Friday: Les & Larry Elgart

I was stuck for what to do today, so I started playing random instrumentals and the names Les and Larry Elgart popped up, and when I looked at what they had done together I thought you might enjoy them.

Les Elgart played trumpet with bands led by Raymond Scott, Charlie Spivak, and Harry James, occasionally playing with his brother Larry, who played alto saxophone with Spivak, Woody Herman, Red Norvo, Freddie Stack and Tommy Dorsey. By 1945 the brothers had their own band going, with Nelson Riddle, Ralph Flanagan and Bill Finegan. It broke up in 1948 due to the Musicians’ Union Strike that year. They reunited in the ’50’s and had a hit with "Bandstand Boogie," which was eventually used as the theme song for the TV show American Bandstand.

Here are a few songs of theirs, presented without interruption…

  1. Meditation
  2. Bandstand Boogie (Them From American Bandstand)
  3. Green Eyes
  4. Girl Watchers
  5. Tuxedo Junction

And that’s Five For Friday, August 20, 2021.

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