The Very Wet Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Schmidt Beer. Schmidt: One Beautiful Beer!

Looks like we have rain on the way here. I never complain about rain, not after a couple of years of drought. Besides, it’s nice to listen to. I hope all in the path of Henri are safe and stay that way until Henri is no more.

Lots to talk about, so stay tuned. Here’s the sunmmary.

Voting was sparse in this battle, between The MonaLisa Twins and The REO Brothers each doing their version of "In My Life." Here’s how the votng went:

MonaLisa Twins

  • Ruth
  • Arlee

REO Brothers

  • Mary B
  • Kip
  • Dan
  • Birgit

Congratulations to The REO Brothers and a pat on the back to the MonaLisa Twins. We’ll try again on September 1.

The prompt was to choose a decade and play songs from it. I chose the 1960’s and realized that there was so much diversity in music during that decade that I’d have to come back with a Part 2 this week just to try and get all the types in. I may end up doing a third week as well. That’s how diverse things were then.

Melanie took this week’s questions from Evil Squirrel’s Nest, so we answered questions about where we escape to when we need to get away for a couple of hours, the benefits and drawbacks to having a unicorn’s horn growing out of one’s forehead, the creepiest thing we ever saw someone do, the silliest/pettiest thing that aggravates us, and our comfort level with meeting people who are different from us.

We went through the next ten (#11-20) of the 1976 year-end Hot 100. This week, 1977.

A general comment that contrasts what we want to accomplish in a day and where that usually goes haywire.

We featured songs by Little Anthony & The Imperials, Sandie Shaw, and The Vogues in answer to Mary B’s prompts.

I got my set of DVD’s for the entire series, and I’ve been busy downloading the disks to my hard drive. I did do one episode, "Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13". I’ll get two, and maybe three, synopses out this week.

The assignment was to share a back-to-school memory, and I shared the memory of my first day of sophomore year, when I transfered to a new school, and shared my biggest question: where do I hide to smoke?

Shared the music of Les and Larry Elgart.

The prompt was "ode," either the word itself or as part of a word. I talked about Bobbie Gentry, pie, music theory, and ccomputer programming history (i.e. punching cards).

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