Writer’s Workshop: You’re Dreaming…

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This is later than I usually get to my Writers Workshop entry on Thursday. This is my third try at writing this: I tried the one about quitting my job, and realized I had written about that (maybe not for this) before. So I tried the one about a post from a previous August, and fell into a rabbit hole where I was reading and not looking for something to write about. And, of course, I took a nap or two and had a dream or two. Maybe it was just one dream and it seemed like two, I’m not sure.

It’s interesting that in my dreams I’m either smoking or drinking Coke. I quit smoking 30 years ago, and haven’t had a Coke in I don’t know how long. Maybe it’s all the old commercials I watch, some of which I include in my posts.

Anyway, in this dream I had this afternoon, I took out my laptop, then walked away to buy a Coke and a pack of cigarettes. I got talking to someone, and realized that I had left my laptop on my desk and started to worry that someone would take it. (I’ve actually lost one that way. Maybe it was a reminder not to do that.) I don’t know if anyone had, because I woke up before I got back to my desk.

This is the kind of dream I have these days, where I’m either at work or school and I’m walking around talking to people. Not sure what that means, but I’m not going to drive myself crazy trying to figure it out…

9 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: You’re Dreaming…

  1. Dreams are fascinating and I often wonder what prompts certain facets in a dream. I dream about my past when I was employed frequently, however, the dream is in the present. Also, I am driving a car in most of my dreams. Go figure.

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  2. It’s so interesting that your dreams mix today’s world with some of your old habits. It’s like you have all the comforts of both worlds with you.

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  3. It could be that your dream is trying to draw your attention to your priorities, a need to examine them. Or it could be that something in the dream was really out of the ordinary but you didn’t notice because you focused on things that are normal and tangible (a laptop, a smoke, a drink). It’s when we find the strange that we see the message being sent.
    Or it’s the muse telling you to write what you know. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    I had a productive month reading for a read-a-thon, writing a few book reviews, checking in with hospitalized family members, and writing a WEP flash fiction.
    Have you seen the notebook on the current (Aug 25) giveaway at Operation Awesome? That is some amazing custom art. Debut authors are always surprising me.
    I’m ready for the summer heat to be over. 🥵

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