The Back-To-School Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Burger Beer. There’s somehing better about a Burger!

I hope everyone in the path of Ida stays safe. We’ll probably feel the backlash from it later in the week. Fortunately, it’ll generally be lots of rain with a few thunderstorms for us. Here’s the summary for the week.

As promised, since I wasn’t able to hit all the genres of music that made it to Top 40 rodio during the ’60’s the week before, I did a second week. Don’t think I need another, but we’ll see. This week, back to school songs.

Questions about parallel parking, skipping, night or day, avocados, mind or matter, and the sensitivity level of today’s youth were discussed.

The "next 10" from 1977 were featured.

A one-liner about news from Starbucks.

Songs about planets, wearing apparel, and animals were featured.

The prompt was a picture of a kitty wrapped in brown paper, so I wrote about how cats love to hide in the strangest places.

Only got one done this week, for Season 1, Episode 17, "Happy Birthday, Adolf."

Wrote about some of my recent dreams, most of which involve Coke and cigarettes. I woke up his morning after having dreamt about Paul Davis’s "Cool Night."

Chose five surf rock songs, all instrumentals, for you listening pleasure.

We were to start with the word "my" and end with the word "yours," if possible. I managed to do it, writing about, of all things, baseball.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was.

7 thoughts on “The Back-To-School Week That Was

  1. i did listen to your music until Friday. You know I enjoy your posts but last week was hellish. I got my surgery date(full hysterectomy) for Oct 12, my niece, who considers herself binary, stated she does not want to talk to me and said that every conversation we had has been filled with judgements and insensitivity on my part and she had to do everything not to tell me a thing or 2 and needs her space from me. I asked her if I could call and catch up and wished her the best in school. I was devastated. The next my hubby was writhing in pain and now he is in the hospital awaiting laser surgery for a kidney stone that is too large to pass through. That was my week that was. Hardly any sleep. I promise to be better this week and comment every day:).


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