Simply 6 Minutes: A Pure-Bread Dog

You just had to know that someone was going to come up with that joke, didn’t you?

I remember Jay Leno saying that he hated seeing dogs wearing costumes. He probably wouldn’t like this one, either, even though it’s technically not a costume.

This has me thinking, not about dogs, but about brands of bread. A lot of them were local to Chicago, like Holsum and Silvercup, and I can think of one that I never saw in Chicago, Sunbeam, complete with a cute little girl named "Little Miss Sunbeam" on the wrapper. She was eating the bread, which I think called for a caption that said "SERVING SUGGESTION."

I remember a comedian (maybe it was Leno, I forget) who saw a can of soup, and on the label there was a picture of the soup in a bowl with the caption "SERVING SUGGESTION." His reaction was "Of course! Put it in a bowl! What a clever idea!"

We had Wonder Bread, of course, with the "red, yellow, and blue balloons on the wrapper." And we had Butternut bread, that came in a blue checked wrapper. They advertised heavily in Chicago. They had a jingle, "Tut tut, nothin’ but Butternut Bread." After a while they replaced that with a jazzy jingle that said, "Bring home the Butternut Bread, Fred!" Then, around the mid-’60’s, the Peanuts gang did the commercials, like this one…

I think Butternut was made by the same people that made Dolly Madison cakes, because they also promoted those.

My favorite, though, was Roman Meal bread. I think it was my favorite because it had a centurion on the wrapper. I guess it was no better or worse than regular white bread.

Does anyone remember Beefsteak Rye bread?

I haven’t seen it in stores in like forever, so I guess it’s one of those products that’s vanished from everywhere but my mind…

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19 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: A Pure-Bread Dog

  1. One day about sixty years ago I was at the grocery store with my mother, and the shelf where the Butternut Bread was supposed to be was nearly empty. The shelf itself bore a picture of Fred (from the commercial) with the caption, “Sorry, Fred got the last one!”


    1. You know, of all the commercials there are on YouTube, I haven’t been able to find that one. I remember it was one of those funky ’50’s commercials. I’ll be leaving the beer ads shortly, so maybe I’ll find it on the next reel…

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  2. I’m with Jay about dogs wearing costumes. Funny picture, though! :D Growing up in Europe, we had many varieties of bread (different ryes, pumpernickel, etc.) but not Wonder Bread. That’s a uniquely North American brand.


  3. I will openly admit that I still love Wonder Bread. My two faves – Bologna and Cheese on White and PB &J on white. Nothing beats them. Not to mention Wonder Bread toasted with cinnamon sugar….Wait, weren’t you the other cinnamon sugar lover? Thanks for participating.

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  4. Sunbeam was a big brand in the south. We did jot eat much ‘light bread’ except for sandwiches. We did eat a lot of cornbread and biscuits and the occasional loaf of yeast bread. We shied away from Roman Meal because it was healthy or so we thought. It was my grandmother’s bread of choice.

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  5. We have Beefsteak Rye here; that’s my bread of choice, unless I get a taste for a cheese sandwich on good ol’ soft white.

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