Writers Workshop: Hello Out There!

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The way I tend to think of the seasons, September 1 is the first day of autumn, December 1 the first day of winter, March 1 the first day of spring, and June 1 the first day of summer.

So, yesterday was the first day of autumn, and I looked back over the summer and realized that I spent the entire summer at home, in the house.

I’m not complaining, understand: I didn’t have to go anywhere, so there was no real reason for me to leave the house.

And yes, while it might have been nice to go out just for the heck of it, the fact is I really got kind of used to it.

We can get food delivered from a couple of restaurants in the neighborhood, or Mary doesn’t mind going out to get food from the ones that don’t deliver.

She does most of the outside stuff, like going to the store, and has a couple of friends she meets, so when she’s finished with them, she orders something for me and carries it home.

If the Covid-19 boogeyman ever goes away (and it looks like it’ll be with us at least until November of next year), and there are actually places to go that have real unmasked people in them, I’ll get out then, and if not, I’ll get out when I have a medical appointment.

Right now, the next appointment I have is on the 20th, to have my teeth cleaned, and maybe we’ll stay out and go somewhere for lunch or something afterward, maybe a Frappuccino.

Or maybe not…

20 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Hello Out There!

  1. I fear this pandemic is creating some real house hermits! I hope you’re opening some windows and getting fresh air at least. I agree that it’s so easy these days to stay home when everything you could possibly need is deliverable. My kids are probably the main thing keeping me actively leaving the house because I have to drive them everywhere.


    1. It’s been too hot and humid to open the windows. Maybe now that fall has arrived, there’ll be more of a chance to. I will be headed to the dentist a week from Monday, so I will eventually get out of the house (and I’m going to insist on lunch and/or Starbucks).


  2. I think of the seasons exactly like you, even though I used to be a big calendar smartie and this contradicts the astronomical calendar, of course. As for staying home, I really wouldn’t be able to do without my almost-daily walks. I’m so happy though that you feel pretty comfy in your own house.


  3. I think of Sept 1st as the start of fall too- my favorite season. You are not missing much staying home. Home is my favorite place to be-it is where the cats are. 🙂


    1. I heard that a couple of years ago. The weather guy on the news radio station here mentioned that. It makes perfect sense, rather than saying “fall arrives at 3:30 on the 22nd.” That makes sense from an astronomical sense, but really doesn’t tell you anything.


  4. We don’t go out except when hubby picks up our grocery order. I have no problem with staying at home these days. We’re lucky we have a balcony where we can be outside and enjoy nature. Plus, the premises where we live is maintained well and a nice place to take a stroll once the cooler weather arrives.


  5. John,

    I hadn’t thought about it but I guess I think of the change in seasons like you. We don’t leave the house too much, except for doctor appointments. We do manage a drive through the mountains on DH’s off-Friday when it lines up with our schedule nicely and we’re feel like getting out. I’m ready for things go back to normal. I didn’t like reading that it might not be until next November before that’s a possibility. I’d like to axe that Covid boogey monster into a zillion pieces! Okay, that’s more of a job for Jason (Friday the 13th) and Freddie Crugar but still I want to shred this demon big time. I didn’t do the writing workshop today but I did post today. Have a good day, my friend!


    1. It’s interesting to note that in country after country they’re finding that natural immunity (catching the disease and getting over it) makes a person less likely to be reinfected than the vaccine does. Every country but the US says that if a person has had Covid-19, it’s as good (and maybe better) than getting the shot. Makes you wonder…


  6. I kind of look at the seasons as you do- as when they start– and yesterday after the rains of Ida passed through- September 1st- turned out to be a very fall-like day in these parts. As far as leaving home- there are times when I realize it’s been a few weeks since I’ve even left town- or have left the house other than to- go walk or go to work. I am good staying at home. I also can’t remember the last time I was anywhere where there was a crowd of people. I am fine with that- never a fan of crowds anyway.


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