On The Head Of A Pin #socs

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First, an announcement: I’ve had trouble recently getting people to vote in my Battles of the Bands, and I think the reason is that I post so often, people can’t find the battles after a day or two. So, whenever I have a new battle (on the 1st and 15th of each month), I’m going to pin the post to the top of my blog so everyone can find it. That should improve my turnout. Anyway, look at the main page of my blog on the 1st and 15th for my latest battle. (I’ll take them down when I announce the winner.)

A question that was on the minds of many during the Middle Ages was "How many angels can dance on the head of the pin?" That’s used more as the example of the kind of question the answer of which is unimportant and a waste of time to come up with, but just so everyone knows, the answer is all of them (because, as angels are spiritual beings, they take up no room) and none of them (because, as they’re spiritual beings, they can’t dance). You’re welcome.

And now, from 1964, The Searchers, "Needles And Pins."

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16 thoughts on “On The Head Of A Pin #socs

  1. Okay, I get that angels being spiritual beings don’t take up room, but they should still be able to dance, you know, in a spiritual way. Good old song.


  2. Very popular song today…but it had to be didn’t it.
    I have to take you to task though John. Whilst angels may not take up any space, being spiritual, the can dance brilliantly. Hence she/ he can dance, cook, sing, play like an angel 😉💜💜💜💜

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  3. Thanks for the song today. It is a fun memory of my sisters. I haven’t heard it in a long, long time. I have been a bit of a slacker keeping up with blogs of late. Long story, but I will hopefully get back on track this week.

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