The “L’Shana Tova!” Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Iroquois, the fresh-tasting beer!

I want to wish all my Jewish friends a blessed Rosh Hashanah, which I understand starts tomorrow at sundown.

It’s been a typically busy week here. We caught some of the backlash from Ida, mostly rain and a few tornado watches, but nothing too treacherous. It’s cooled down a little from August, with daytime highs at or below 86° (30° C) and nighttime lows dipping into the 60’s (20° C). Autumn seems to have arrived.

I mentioned yesterday that I’m sticking my Battle of the Bands posts to the top of my blog so it’s easy to find them without having to dig. Dan asked if I could maybe put something in the side bar, so I did, right at the top.

Let’s look at the summary…

We celebrated the end of summer and back-to-school with songs about both. Freebie week ahead!

We answered questions about whether human beings have to improve themselves and will doing so make them happy, whether ’tis easier to love or be loved (just seemed a bit poetic), whether memories can fully be erased, whether a good death is possible, and the internal contents of a baseball.

We did the #11-20 from 1978. This week, 1979.

Did two episodes of Hogan’s Heroes this week, both from Season 1: "The Gold Rush" and "Hello, Zolle". Hope to get a couple more done this week.

Shared a viral tweet about the state of American politics that seemed particularly apt. Managed not to get political at all in the process.

Mary wanted songs that included (a) a flower; (b) a coin; and (c) an occupation in the title.

I’ll announce the winner of this week’s Battle of the Bands this Wednesday. We know who it’ll be, Toots Thielemans; the question is whether people prefer the harmonica or guitar version of his song "Bluesette".

The prompt was one of those "write a post in exactly x lines" types, with x=9 this time. My post was about how I had managed to go the entire summer without setting foot outside.

The prompt was a very cute picture of a dog wearing a piece of bread like a mask, and I wrote about bread, specifically the kind of bread you buy in the grocery store (or, if you prefer, the supermarket).

I featured the music of Booker T & The MG’s.

Our prompt was "pin," so I discussed the Medieval question of how many angels can dance on the head of one. Having a discussion about a question like that when there are far more important questions to answer (to with, "What would you do for a Klondike bar?") is the definition of waste of time. Kind of like this commercial for Airtran Airways (now part of Southwest Airlines).

8 thoughts on “The “L’Shana Tova!” Week That Was

  1. Refresh my memory, John. I seem to recall at one time you blogging about a program you wrote to determine who commented on your blog the prior week – specifically for this post each week. Did you offer to share that or am I losing what little is left of my mind? (I tried to search your blog for it, but was not successful…)


    1. I’ve never actually written it up, but here it is in a nutshell: You’ve done some web development (I think), so my guess is you already have a development stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP). I installed the WordPress software into my development environment (MAMP for the Mac, WAMP for Windows), exported the database from the online, and loaded the development database from there. I then run a SQL statement that extracts the commenters for the week to a CSV, edit the CSV using OpenOffice, and then create the list using the spreadsheet’s CONCATENATE function. I use Markdown so it’s really simple, but you can build the HTML code as well. If you want, I can make a step-by-step list….

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      1. John, thank you. I understood all of it, but since I am on the free version of WordPress, I cannot export the entire database. I don’t have access to the CPanel (or its counterpart) tools. I uninstalled MAMP quite a while back but I can always re-install. I really need to move off the free version. Are you self-hosted or does WordPress act as your host?


        1. If you go to Tools > Export, you can export the database to an XML file. On your local WP, you use Tools > Import to load the database. Not quite as quick as restoring a backup, but it gets the job done. If I remember correctly, there’s a plugin for the import that rebuilds the database.

          I’m on the “Premium” plan on I got it more for the storage.


          1. I cannot install plugins. From what I have read, you cannot export the entire database on the free version. I will do more research tomorrow.


            1. I’ve been able to download all my content using the export. That’s really all I’m interested in. I would guess that the database setup (the “five minute” install) would add some stuff to the database (besides adding the tables and views). The only thing I have not been able to download are the “likes,” and the word I got on that was they’re not kept on the individual databases (they’re kept on a database at WordPress). What other information are you looking for?

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