Song of the Day: Leo Kottke, “Pamela Brown”

Acoustic guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke was born on this day in 1945. He overcame a serious bout with tendinitis in the ’80’s by changing his right hand technique, forgong the use of finger and thumbpicks and adopting a more classical picking style. "Pamela Brown" was written by Tom T. Hall.

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Leo Kottke, “Pamela Brown”

  1. Kottke is tremendous, prolific, and even well-known. One of three exotic acoustic guitarists present at the start of John Fahey’s (one of the others) Takoma Records, he is the only one alive today. In the early 70’s, I became a fan of the third, the late and enigmatic Robbie Basho, whose massively idiosyncratic and profoundly creative guitar playing was rooted not only in this sort of American-tradition “finger-style” guitar, but Hindustani raga, classical guitar, and Japanese, Persian and other musics, yet today he is almost forgotten. There is enough of him on YouTube now, and even a full-length professional documentary film. I suggest you check him out and post about what you discover.


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