Weekly Song Challenge #37

Time for Mary B’s Weekly Song Challenge! This week, she wants…

A Song with a Boy’s Name in the Title: Sade, "Frankie’s First Affair"

A Song that mentions a Place in the Title: The Spelding’s Jazz Orchestra, "Harlem Nocturne (Theme from Mike Hammer)"

A Song that Kenny Loggins wrote: "House At Pooh Corner"

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge #37

  1. John,

    I apologize for not leaving a comment. Like so often when I multi-task, I forget where I am and closed off your tab prematurely. I listened to your music yesterday while trying to solve a hair pulling printing problem. Ever since an update come through I have issues where my computer can’t communicate with my printer. I think I finally figured out how to fix it, even if it’s temporary and am forced to do the fix again. We’ll see how well this goes before I have a near nervous breakdown next time I get a similar error. Great WSC picks!


    1. Printers are the bane of my existence. I have a good printer now, one of those printer/copier/scanner (maybe even fax, though I haven’t used fax since Mom died), but the one I had before (real simple, but the ink cost more than the printer did) gave me perpetual problems…. Glad you liked the tunes!


  2. These are great songs! I loved Mike Hammer and thought it was a great show. I never heard of the first or last one but they were fun to listen to and I really like that last one.


    1. The Sade song was on her first album and I just barely remembered it. I’m glad I did, it’s a great song. “House at Pooh Corner” was the same deal.

      If I remember correctly, the reason they canceled Mike Hammer was because Stacy Keach ran into drug issues…


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