Song of the Day: Hank Williams, “Hey, Good Lookin'”

Country legend Hank Williams, who wrote nearly 200 songs in a career that ended before he turned 30, would be 98 today. He had 35 records that reached the Top 10 on the Country chart, including 11 that reached #1. "Hey, Good Lookin’" was originally written for Little Jimmy Dickens, but Hank decided it was "too good" for him and recorded it himself in 1951, when it reached #1. It "borrowed heavily" from Cole Porter’s 1942 song of the same name

17 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Hank Williams, “Hey, Good Lookin'”

  1. I love the “hillbilly Shakespeare”… he was awesome and if he would have lived…I would hope we would not have all of this Bon Jovi with a twang pop artists instead of country.


  2. Hi John – one of those songs that is easily remembered – loved hearing it again and seeing this take. Cheers Hilary


  3. I believe the first album I ever heard- my father’s copy of Hank Williams Greatest Hits- and this was one of the standout songs I remember liking as a 4-5 year old. I liked that album so much back then that even when he was at work or away I would get it out and play it. Hank at 98… what a talent he was– The Hillbilly Shakespeare.


    1. You have to wonder what country music would be like today if he had lived another 30-40 years. Would any of the current artists be as popular? Or would he have adjusted his music to fit more closely with the pop-with-cowboy-hats crowd?

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      1. If he had lived to be 70- he would have been around to see coming of the Anti-Hank- aka Garth ‘Barf’ Brooks.


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