Monday’s Music Moves Me: Introducing The Snake Charmer and Alyona Vargasova

I frequently find new-to-me performers and decide that they’re worth sharing with the rest of you music fans who might be looking for something a little different to listen to.

A blogger I read featured The Snake Charmer yesterday. I’ve followed her for a while, and I don’t think I’ve shared her, so let’s fix that. Here’s what she’s shared on her YouTube page:

Welcome to my channel!! My name is Archy J, i play the Bagpipes, im from India. Awarded by the President of India as "India’s First Professional Female Bagpiper". I am a self taught musician and hence do not play by any rules 😉 Everything you did not know or see a Bagpipe could do, is here on my channel. I make unique versions of popular songs, movie themes, anime openings, metal songs on the Bagpipes. I play an electronic Bagpipe to be able to transcend over different genres of music & has much less limitations. Being self taught was one of the toughest thing to do for me, as i didnt have a teacher here but my determination and passion for this instrument sailed me through the impossible. This is the only "JOB" i do, and i rely on music for my income. So if you’d like to support me please try to buy my songs from iTunes, Amazon or Stream it on Spotify. If you want to get a little more personal with my career, please support me on Patreon

Here are five songs I think you’ll enjoy…

  1. Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song: A cello-and-bagpipes duet with orchestral backing.
  2. Star Wars Theme, Indian Style: She plays several songs from the Star Wars franchise backed by an Indian wedding band.
  3. Irish Punjabi Party (New Way Forward): A combination of Irish music and dance, Punjabi music and dance, and rap by Raoul Kerr.
  4. Wellerman Sea Shanty: Sea shanties became very popular on YouTube over the past year and a half as people looked for a way to deal with being locked up in the house. Here she adapts one for the bagpipes.
  5. Amazing Grace: About the most traditional thing she has on her channel. She joins forces with a bagpipe band from Barcelona. The video features some beautiful scenery from both Spain and India.

She has all the standard social media at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Anyway, while I was picking songs for Archy, I ran across a very talented guitarist by the name of Alyona Vargasova. She’s from Krasnodar in Russia and hasn’t shared much more than that on YouTube, but has social media on Instagram, Facebook, and VKontakte, in case you use that. You can also sponsor her on Patreon. Here are five by her…

Most of these songs are originals, except for the Vivaldi piece.

  1. Journey Thru The Milky Way (her first single)
  2. Antonio Vivaldi, "The Four Seasons – Summer (Presto)"
  3. Spiral River Of Light
  4. Whisper Of Different Stars
  5. Dancing With A Black Hole

You can find all of these (except the Vivaldi piece) on her EP on Bandcamp.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the music of these two talented young women. That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for September 20, 2021.

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10 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Introducing The Snake Charmer and Alyona Vargasova

  1. I liked Alyona – a lot. Talented in both the guitar and writing her own music, I enjoyed all the selections. My favorite, though, was the Vivaldi. As for The Snake Charmer, I had a lot of problems, especially with the first song and much of the second, in distinguishing the bagpipes from the orchestra or the other instruments. It could be due to a mild hearing loss I have. It’s amazing that she is self taught (I used to work with someone who plays bagpipes – and the flute, not both at once- anyway, from her I know bagpipes are a super hard instrument to learn and play). I do enjoy non traditional bagpipes. A group called the Red Hot Chilli Pipers (not a typo) are coming to my area in March and I have listened to a couple of their online videos.


    1. I played bagpipes for about four years, until I took a job where I traveled and couldn’t carry them around with me (and forget about practicing in hotel rooms). Though I could have carried a practice chanter, but at that point, it really made no sense: I wasn’t going to be playing with a band. Plus, Mary had heard all the bagpipe music she wanted to for the rest of her life. The hardest part about playing is not so much the melodies as keeping the bag full and getting the air to flow correctly. Plus being able to deal with all the drinking after competitions and parades and such…


  2. John,

    Two extraordinary playlists! I’ve heard of the Snake Charmer and have even shared her on my blog. The guitarist is my favorite of the two, though. Alyona is amazing! She seems familiar, I may have come across her elsewhere. Have you shared her music before? Thanks for the instrumental features on the 4M dance floor, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!


    1. I hadn’t heard of Alyona until Sunday. I’m surprised, really. She has a single and an EP on Bandcamp that are really good (she has a second single that’s on the EP).


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