Share Your World for 20 Sept 2021

Melanie "borrowed" most of the questions from Evil Squirrel, which means this could be a pretty interesting set of answers, by which I mean kind of rude and offensive. Especially since I was up a couple of hours before my normal time to go to a dentist’s appointment, it was the first time outside the house since the end of May, and naturally it was raining. Well, as they say, here goes nothing…

If you were to be cast as part of a comedy double act, which part would you play…. the straight man or the funny one, and why? Probably the straight man, because in most of the comedy duo acts I know (Martin & Lewis, Rowan & Martin, Morecambe & Wise, Burns & Schreiber, The Two Ronnies, etc.) the straight man is pretty funny without all the pressure.

If you were to be reincarnated on Earth as any non-living/inanimate object of your choosing, what would you come back as and why? What Jesse Ventura said.

We all know how dogs mark their territory. How do you mark your territory? Pretty much the same way.

If you were on a trivia show and had to correctly answer ten questions in one subject to win a million dollars (or whatever currency is used in your locale), what would you hope the category would be? Baseball.

Ozzie Albies of the Atlanta Braves

In democratic societies, do you believe that the right to vote is merely a privilege or a duty for all citizens? This should not be thought of as an “Americans only” question. ANY ONE is welcome to answer. I say it’s a privilege, and whether one chooses to exercise the privilege is nobody’s business but his or her own, and that said privilege is non-transferable, i.e. if I choose not to exercise it then no one else can "on my behalf."

Personally, I think if voting could solve anything, it would be illegal.

9 thoughts on “Share Your World for 20 Sept 2021

  1. John,

    You cracked me up with some incredibly hilarious responses. I have to ask did Mary warn you to not mark her? lol Not that she’s a piece property but she is your woman. 😀 Oh well…that one was a rib breaker! A long, long time ago I participated a few times in the Share Your World community, maybe, it’s time to try to include this in my weekly line up. I love Q&A sessions. Thanks for making me laugh!


  2. Thank you John for Sharing Your World! Oh my heck!! You outdid yourself on the memes today, sir! That dog one had me laughing so loudly that Ziggy came to investigate if I were okay or not. Hahahahhaha!! Priceless! My dad would have said “Well sit around like a bump on a log (which is what the man is doing, right?) and you get treated like a bump on a log!” I guess the dog knew which way the wind was blowing 🤣 Too funny. Now as to the category? We’ve got you and Garry (Serendipity) as panelists for the “Baseball” category, do you think we can find a third? Way to go! You and Jim (the author of Song Lyric Sunday) and Glyn (my bud from across the ocean) as panelists for the “It’s Only Rock and Roll to ME” for the music category. I bet y’all would be great! Thanks so much for giving me a good chuckle to start my day! Have the rest of a fabulous week!


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