Simply 6 Minutes: Oh, Deer…

When we first moved to our home in the Atlanta suburbs, it was still pretty "country" around here. There wasn’t a lot of shopping close by, and much of the area was either overgrown with kudzu, heavily wooded, or was horse farms. Over the 30+ years we’ve lived here, the horse farms have been subdivided, areas that were covered with kudzu have been paved over and big strip malls have been built, and the wooded areas have been cleared and subdivisions have been built.

The one sad thing is that the woods near us were home to a herd of deer, and when the land was cleared they lost their homes. A few of them have moved into our neighborhood and can sometimes be spotted munching on the foliage in our yard. A lot of people see them as nuisance animals, but they were here first, so I try to be understanding.

Christine Bialczak runs Simply 6 Minutes.

22 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Oh, Deer…

  1. This is supposed to be progress but i hate it when beauty is taken away for strip malls and subdivisions with lego brick houses. The deer were there first so people just need to put up with them and find ways that the deer can’t eat their gardens.


    1. What happened here was that the property tax on the land got prohibitive and the owners sold it to developers. The strip malls were built on land that had been owned by the guy who runs the Varsity restaurants (a local fast-food chain). It was overgrown with kudzu and was really an eyesore, and we needed the grocery stores that were built on the land….


      1. No alligators in our backyard but there were a few slithers and creepy crawlies! There are alligators that like to hang out at the golf courses, which I’ve seen a few of those. They usually don’t bother you if you don’t bother them.


  2. As much as it can sometimes be inconvenient, I love this rural space where we live. We have a little over 3 acres of steep unbuildable land. Yes, we have an occasional bear and deer, but we prefer nature around us rather than cement and strip malls.


  3. We have the same thing with the roos. Luckily where I live they have (so far) maintained large green zones but the roos don’t understand so you have to be really careful driving around (I had a big boy jump across in front of me while driving yesterday).


    1. We (meaning Mary, because I don’t drive anymore) are careful of any stray fauna that might wander into the road (or, in the case of squirrels and chipmunks, zip across it). Sometimes you just can’t help but have a near-miss or collision with one, and we feel awful when we do. The animals can’t read street signs, they generally don’t know that the thing coming down the street can maim or kill them, so we see it as our job to look out for them.

      I’d probably freak out if I saw a kangaroo suddenly bound across the road…


  4. I used to live in the woods and I didn’t mind the deer except when they ate all my irises! There were a few things that they devoured but that was the one I hated to see go. My late husband used to leave an apple everyday for them.


    1. There’s a deer repellent spray that keeps them away from the things you don’t want them to eat. Seems like a mean trick to play on them, but it saves your flowers and bushes and doesn’t hurt the plants or the deer….

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