Writer’s Workshop: Would I Miss It?

Another blogger, Fandango, runs a weekly blog hop called Fandango’s Provocative Question, where he asks a provocative question every week ("I don’t mean a question that will cause annoyance or anger. Nor do I mean a question intended to arouse sexual desire or interest. What I do mean is a question that is likely to get you to think, to be creative, and to provoke a response. Hopefully a positive response.") that people can answer. If I ever feel like I need another blog hop in my life, I might participate at some point in the future. Anyway, his question this past week was

If you were forced to chose, would you rather live without the internet or live without air conditioning and heating? Why?

For me, the answer was obvious: I need temperature control badly enough that I would easily give up the Internet, and Mary definitely needs the temperature control more than I do, so I’m pretty sure she’d say the same thing. It might be a different story if, say, we lived in Hawai’i, at which point the need for temperature control was minimal, but moving to a small archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a bit drastic, and it’s no guarantee that the Internet service would be all that good…

Anyway, the question here is a simple one: would I miss not having instantaneous access to practically all the knowledge in the world? Would I miss all the things that the Internet gives me access to, like Internet radio, Spotify, books on Kindle, Amazon…? I mean, the World Wide Web has only been around for 25 of my 65 years on earth, but in that time we’ve gotten so used to having it around that it would be a serious adjustment, and particularly during times of being barricaded in the house avoiding cooties, it’s been a lifesaver.

Waikiki or Bust!

18 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Would I Miss It?

  1. Hey, I’m with you! I definitely need a heated house and/or air conditioning in those cold months. I suppose I’d get a lot more reading done!


    1. Don’t forget, no Internet means no Kindle, so you’d be reading books you got from the library or bought at Barnes and Noble or wherever. There was an interesting-looking used bookstore across the street from the Pike Street Market, as I recall…


  2. Quite a lot to ponder, John.

    I see similar “questions” pop-up on social media. “Would you live here for one year without this, that, or the other?” And, of course, the pictorial setting behind the question is breathtaking; like who could give a hoot about the internet, cell service, cable television while in some magnificent place in the mountains or by the sea?

    Wellll, I could. I’m too old for much change so please, don’t rock my boat.

    Stay safe!


    1. One of Mary’s friends once said she didn’t want to be more than ten minutes from an aspirin. This was after she had spent six months living in the middle of nowhere and finally left her husband, who I guess is still living there.


    1. Mary has all kinds of trouble breathing at night, and will get up and crank the air conditioning. After having tried one summer without AC (the year we moved here, when we had to replace the furnace, A/C, refrigerator and dishwasher), we swore never again.

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  3. But p.s. I went to Oahu on my honeymoon which was late Sept. Had no idea we were going to get this top floor room with no a.c. It was hotter than HECK and we ended up moving to a lower room where the wallpaper was peeling off the walls. Now it was a package deal and there were three hotels you could pick from. The other two looked much nicer when we checked them out, BUT the hotel we stayed in had a five star restaurant in the basement or first floor, seemed like the basement. Had a butter waiter, about four people with white towels over their arms, huge prawns and great food. I recommended it to my aunt and uncle and when they were there, so was Tom Selleck. I doubt he stayed in the hotel, though! Many moons ago when that series was on… but not sure I would do too well in Hawaii without a.c. But everyday it rained, this very fine misty rain and the sky was filled with multiple rainbows. It’s like a paradise there.

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    1. My brother lives in Orinda, which is closer to Oakland, I think. It still gets pretty cold during the winter, as I remember. I also was there on business in ’89 when it got really hot during the summer, and of course the hotel I was staying at had no AC and the little fellow at the front desk said he had just given out his last fan…

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  4. Well, we could get along at camp without ac and heating (if you don’t count the woodstove–that’s how we heat up there. But no heat of any kind in Michigan? Not a choice. A.C. we could live without if we really had to, but not heat of some kind. I do like being able to research for my writing online-it makes it so much easier, though I did have really good research people at the library who pulled information for me–I don’t know if they exist anymore. I like email and blogging and research, but have gotten off all other social media and do NOT miss it a bit.

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    1. Right, you can figure on everything costing a couple of dollars more there. And real estate is through the roof. I do have a couple of friends that live there now or did in the past, and they said it was nice, but you go island-crazy after a while…

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