Share Your World For 27 Sept 2021

Thanks again to Melanie for giving me a chance to come up with funny answers and post funny GIF’s.

What’s your favorite way to exercise? Given my infirmities, I don’t do a lot of physical stuff. Climbing the stairs might be the most physical thing I do. Brainwise, I do sudoku and write this here blog here…

Here’s an idea…

What’s more important to you – family or friends? Family.

This about says it all…

Have you ever voted for someone (in whatever venue – politics, contests, school elections) based solely on how they looked? Junior class president. She was not only the best looking candidate, she was also the nicest.

As far as Giphy was concerned, Reese Witherspoon was only in “Legally Blonde.” I was looking for a picture of her as Tracy Flick in “Election” (1999). Anyway, our junior class president was a not-so-petite brunette, and we all loved her…

How could carousels be spiced up so they are more exciting? Maybe have the floor drop out from under it, like that ride that uses centrifugal force to hold you in place while you spin.

I bet she has some ideas…

Please feel free to share something you’ve enjoyed about this September. The weather here has been great. It’s cooled off quite nicely after about a week of rain.

Hasn’t been cloudy either…

21 thoughts on “Share Your World For 27 Sept 2021

  1. I’m grateful you blog this here blog as mental exercise so that we all get to enjoy! Your answers are always spot on and the graphics are the best! I bet she has some ideas too …


  2. Great answers and keep up the good work on your entertaining and informative blog. I do isometric exercises and dance – gotta keep things moving, you know.


  3. I’m just finishing a silly walking challenge for charity, and on Friday I start a silly kettlebell challenge which will be just for ‘fun’. Family are the best, and I haven’t been on a merry-go-round since I was a kid – my vertigo put paid to that… it is not fun 😦


    1. I tend to shy away from anything that could be classified as a “carnival ride.” Silly walking challenge, a la John Cleese? Have fun with your challenges!


  4. I like your exercise routine. I go for the Johnny LaRue exercise (SCTV), Go to the fridge, open the door, bend down, pick up the beer, close the fridge. Hahahaa. Actually, I try to walk when I can. I love swimming but no swimming pool. I have only my brother and his child. Now Camden doesn’t wish to speak to me because she stated I am judgemental and insensitive in every conversation we ever had. Ughhh…She considers herself..oops theyself, binary or is that non-binary. I am so confused. Some of my friends, I consider family so it all depends I guess. I can proudly say I never voted for someone because of their looks. Many women do this come election time instead of looking at the platforms and the person. I think if they sped up the Carousel, that would be fun. September has not been a good month for me but I love seeing the flowers especially the last roses. I like the fall smells.

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  5. Thank you John for Sharing Your World. You do find the most amazing GIFs….funny and pertinent without being so frenzied that they make one’s eyes bleed. Excellent choices today! I love Homer sitting in a lawn chair ‘walking’ the treadmill. That’s possibly how I’d have to do that too IF they got me near a treadmill. I think that keeping one’s brain as sharp as possible is mandatory as one nears that area when physically things aren’t exactly what we’d want. You do a great job with blogging, all your music knowledge and challenges keep me up to date for sure! I liked the carousel answer. Now can we get a clean-up on ‘aisle carousel?” Because that kind of ride these days would make me queasy and if the floor fell away? I’d definitely be losing my cookies. LOL Have a great week John!

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