Writer’s Workshop: Fourteen Lines Before Bed

Ho Ho Ho!

We have another "write a post in x lines" prompt this week, with x=14, so I think I’ll do it again.

It’s nice writing blog entries late in the evening, or early in the morning as it’s about to be, because it’s quiet in the house, except for my fingerfalls and the music I’m playing in my headphones.

I’m physically here, in fromt of the computer, typing with one hand as always, but my mind is far away, in a place of its own.

The nice thing about being retired is that I can fall asleep at times other than bedtime, and sometimes I’ll doze off in the afternoon and have a crazy dream.

I won’t be out for a long time; I know that because I check the clock frequently, and I’ll remember what time it was before I fell asleep and compare it to the time I wake up.

It’s never more than ten or fifteen minutes, and it comes with some pretty interesting dreams that seem to be much longer than the actual time.

Mine are usually set in an office, a hotel room, or a convenience store where I’ve gone to buy Dr Pepper and cigarettes, but occasionally they’ll be set on a rapid transit train like the Chicago "L," or I’ll be running around looking for a restroom.

I’ll have conversations with people who I generally can’t see, but I’ll know they’re there, because I can feel their presence.

Sometimes I’ll have a thought and try to remind myself to do something when I wake up, but then I can’t remember what it was that I was going to do, and it’s kind of frustrating.

I read a theory recently that suggested that dreams are really a look into a different dimension or a parallel universe; if that’s the case, I lead a real fascinating life in those places.

I read today that the Japanese have developed an MRI that allows you to see what went on in your dreams later, like you set the VCR on your life and you’re playing it back.

I’d like to get my hands on that technology, just to see the dreams that I can’t remember having.

I wonder if the brain is like a cineplex, where different things are showing on different screens; that would really be cool.

Oh well, goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite…

16 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Fourteen Lines Before Bed

  1. It would be really interesting to be able to watch our dreams back. I feel like I only remember a portion of them! You should keep a dream journal and write them down!


  2. Sentence #4 grabbed me with those “crazy dreams” in the afternoon.

    I’m not one for napping but, for some reason, dozed off one afternoon after finishing tons of paperwork in my home office and the dream that took place was pretty intense. I awoke feeling more exhausted than I was after the dang bookkeeping. And…I could not remember one tiny bit of that dream. I might need that MRI to see what I missed.

    Or maybe not..

    Stay safe!


    1. I’ve had that happen, where I’ll go to bed tired and have such an active night of dreams that I’ll be even more tired in the morning than I was when I went to bed the night before.


        1. I did training for many years, and when I first started there was one class that didn’t have an instructor (the guy who did it went into consulting). They would borrow someone from support whenever they needed someone. I learned the class, and there was so much pent-up demand that I spent the next several months I did nothing but that class. It got to where I would spend the day teaching it and the night dreaming about teaching it. Someone asked me a question once and I was positive I had already answered it, then I realized I had answered it in my dream the night before…

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