The 4th Quarter Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Falstaff, the choicest product of the brewers’ art.

I really hope he put that pull tab somewhere where no one would step on it. Trust me, it was not a pleasant experience…

The whole year feels like it’s gone dashing by. Here we are at the beginning of October, and staring down at the holidays. Don’t know if I’m ready for that, but time waits for no man. Or so they (whoever "they" are) say.

The baseball season will be over later this afternoon, and the playoffs start probably on Thursday. I haven’t followed baseball that closely this year, though I am happy to hear that the Braves clinched first place in the National League East the other day and the White Sox clinched first place in the American League Central about a week ago, so I have two dogs in the fight. The Braves play the Milwaukee Brewers in the first round (called the Division Series) and the Sox play the Houston Astros in their first round. It should be an interesting time.

So, let’s run down last week…

The prompt Cathy gave us was "National Scarf Day – Songs that express your fashion style or songs about being wrapped up in something physically or emotionally." I think I came up with ten good songs and a pretty good range thereof.

We were asked what our favorite form of exercise was, whether family or friends were more important to us, whether we had ever voted for anyone based on looks alone (I think I was the only one who had, or at least that had the guts to admit it), and how carousels (known as merry-go-rounds in some parts of the country) could be spiced up so they’re more exciting (by which I’m sure Melanie meant "more dangerous"). I also talked about how the weather has cooled down considerably.

I counted down the next ten (#11 thru 20) songs of 1982. This week, 1983.

I chose a one-liner that I thought was hilarious but only managed to confuse people who don’t live in the US. Mea maxima culpa. For those of you still confused, Billy Mays was a TV pitchman who hyped a lot of things that sold for $19.99, which also came with "free" extras (for which you only needed to pay an "additional fee," which I’m sure covered the price of the freebie).

We had to find a song with "please" in the title, a protest song, and a song with "fall" in the title. I managed to choose three Beatles songs.

Wrote a synopsis for season 1, Episode 22 ("The Pizza Parlor") and even managed to make a clip from the longer episode.

The prompt was to write a post in exactly 14 lines. I actually wrote it just before I went to bed, so I was in a sleepy-time mood. It turned out OK anyway.

My latest battle of the bands is between two classical guitarists, Paola Hermosín and Lucas Brar, the song being Zequinha de Abreu’s "Tico-Tico No Fubá." Voting doesn’t close until Thursday night, so you still have plenty of time to vote in this battle. It’s a close one again, and so far voting has been heavy, so if you haven’t already voted, I invite and encourage you to do so. You can click the graphic above, the link at the top of the right-hand column, or I’ve pinned the post to the top of my main page.

We examined the music of another composer of library music, William Loose, who’s had a pretty full career.

The prompt was "inspire, aspire, expire," and since they’re all built off the same root, I talked about the etymology of the three of them, and used all three in a sentence at the end. I’m pretty proud of myself, to tell the truth.

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