Song of the Day: Sarah Holthusen, “Prayer of St. Francis”

Today, the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. He is patron saint of Italy (along with St. Catherine of Siena), of animals and the environment, and is one of the most loved saints in Christianity. Many churches hold pet blessings on or around his feast. "Prayer of St. Francis" is an adaptation of a prayer attributed to him (though in fact it is of more recent vintage). You might want to play this for your own pets.

As an added bonus, the animal service from The Vicar Of Dibley.

13 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Sarah Holthusen, “Prayer of St. Francis”

  1. Oh I know this song all too well because we had to sing it in church. let me tell you, if any animals were in there when our own choir and us were singing, the animals would have stormed out…lol. This version is very nice to the ears. I love this snippet from The Vicar.


  2. My church used to do The Blessing of the animals, but hasn’t in several years. I used to bring some of my cats.


  3. This is so beautiful, John. One of my favourite’s since I was a kid, at a Catholic convent school. I revived it a few months back. But had no idea St. Francis was a saint for pets and environment – the most precious beings for me in the entire universe.
    I am playing this for Mishka and Laila (my doggie girls). Laila is a bit under the weather.

    It’s uncanny how your posts always bring so much joy to me and remind me of the serendipity of life.

    Let me share the version sang by these kids of Temecula Valley.

    There is a mystical St. Francis Church in Goa, India where he lies embalmed in a coffin.
    Thank you for this gift of prayer on a rather diary day. 🙂


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