Five For Friday: Keith Mansfield

A major contributor to the KPM music library in the ’60’s and ’70’s, Keith Mansfield has created a number of themes primarily for British television. His best-known theme is that for the BBC sports program Grandstand. He also wrote the song "Funky Fanfare" which was used for a series of "snipes" (defined on Wikipedia as "Any material before the feature presentation other than a trailer. "Welcome to our theater," courtesy trailers ("no smoking, littering, talking"), promotions for the snackbar, and "daters", that announce the date for an upcoming show, are the most common kinds of snipes.") created by the National Screen Service in the late ’60’s. Here are five examples of his work.

  1. "Grandstand Theme"
  2. "Funky Fanfare"
  3. "National Pride": You’ll probably recognize the fanfare at the beginning…
  4. "The Appliance Of Science"
  5. "City Limits"

Keith Mansfield, your Five For Friday, October 8, 2021.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I mentioned to AJ that I had put together a bunch of posts of TV themes and a few on TV theme composers. I’ll be adding a page with links to all of them later today, so look for it in the "Special Pages" section in the sidebar.

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