Writers’ Workshop: Bublup

Bublup home screen

Many moons ago, I used a web service called Springpad, which I used to save links to websites, notes to myself, bookmarks, and things I wanted to save. They shut down just as I was starting to get used to it and get some actual use out of it. Of the replacement apps that I found, the best was Evernote, which I’ve used for a few years now and have gotten used to.

Evernote went through a period where it was bloated with features, most of which I didn’t actually use and were actually starting to interfere with how I was using the application, and for a while it looked as though I might eventually have to move from it to something similar that was easy to use and powerful enough to do everything I wanted. I started with Microsoft OneNote, which is Evernote’s main competition, and wasn’t at all happy with it, mostly because it had the Microsoft look and feel.

I’ve tried many other notetaking applications, including Google Keep, Simplenote, Bear, Apple Notes, and several others whose names escape me, probably for good reason. Recently, though, I saw a new application, Bublup, advertised on Instagram, and thought I’d give it a try.

I haven’t really spent a lot of time with it yet, but here are some things I like:

  • I can forward emails to it for free. I have to pay for a Plus account with Evernote if I want to do that.
  • The user interface is easy to look at. Evernote is great, but kind of "professional" looking.
  • Moving things between folders is more intuitive than with Evernote.

A couple of things that could become a problem down the road:

  • I’m not sure how secure it is.
  • It’s still so new that it doesn’t interface with other applications, including IFTTT and Zapier, whose job is to connect applications.
  • Navigation isn’t all that intuitive. There are times I’ve ended up somewhere and don’t know how.
  • The browser extension only works with Chromium-based browsers. I wasn’t able to install it into Firefox, and don’t want to use Google Chrome. It does work with Brave as well as with Safari and Edge, so I’m using Brave.
  • The free version only gives you 3 GB, although you can earn up to 20 GB more by getting other people to try it. I’d appreciate anyone who wants to help me get more storage. If you’re interested, here is the link.

It’s a nice little browser-based app that also works on iOS and Android. I’m going to stress-test it and see if there are (at least for me) any showstoppers, but so far, I’m pleased.

3 thoughts on “Writers’ Workshop: Bublup

  1. Interesting! I keep my passwords and things in an excel sheet, but something like this sounds very useful!


    1. While you could keep passwords in Bublup, you might want to consider a password manager like 1Password or LastPass. Like I said, I’m a little wary of keeping things like passwords here because I’m not sure how secure it is. It’s good for capturing web pages and image files, and you can take your bookmarks and load them here.


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