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More Tupperware

Once again, Paula and I are more or less on the same wavelength…

Mary and I were married in January 1978, and as was the case in those days we received a lot of Tupperware at our shower. And as was the case back then, it was all in yellow, brown, orange, and I think one or two green pieces. Earth colors were big back then, don’t you know…

We were the kind of people who kept the lids separate from the container, because it was easier and more space-saving than keeping the lid and the container together. Which meant that, after about a year, we had a pile of lids and a bunch of containers and none of the lids matched any of the containers. That’s the way it seemed, anyway.

This was back in the day when Tupperware was made of sturdy plastic and the containers were made of the same opaque plastic as the lids were, which meant that unless you were the sort of organized individual who marked the outside of the container with what was in it, you would end up with a refrigerator full of Tupperware and no idea whatsoever what was in them. You’d open one and see that the contents were moldy or otherwise gross, empty the contents into the garbage, and wash the container and lid to be used again, making a note to yourself to write the contents of the container on masking tape and tape the masking tape to the container before putting the container in the refrigerator. Which, of course, you never remembered to do. Occasionally, the contents of the container were so moldy and/or gross that you just chucked the whole thing in the garbage. God knows we got enough to be able to do that.

My word for X in the 2020 A to Z Challenge was Rexall, a drug store chain that became a major national chain through the efforts of one Justin Dart, whose story you can read by following the link. As Rexall grew, he looked for other busnesses he could acquire, and guess what one of them was? Tupperware Home Parties! By 1978, it was so profitable that Dart sold it off. I like to think our getting married that year was the reason it was so profitable…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday was created and managed by Linda Hill. Now, here’s Rex Marshall for draft-brewed Blatz beer, Milwaukee’s favorite beer!

Rex Marshall looks like a young Jack Webb, doesn’t he? I have no idea who the other person in the commercial is. By the way, one of Blatz’s celebrity spokespeople back then was the Milwaukee-born piano guy, Liberace.

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  1. I used to have a lot of Tupperware and still have a few pieces. I also have a lot of non-Tupperware containers. I store the lids separate from the container to save space, and if I find a lid with no home, it goes into happy lid land.


  2. Hi John – fun post, as well as interesting comments … they’re still useful to have around – but ours aren’t tupperware now-a-days. Enjoyed this … cheers Hilary


  3. My mother used to have Tupperware parties. I’m pretty sure the lids shrunk after the first use. Or maybe people took/returned just the lids or the containers. When we moved my mom, she had a big bag of Tupperware lids. We tossed those and never looked back.

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  4. My mom and all her friends loved tupperwear. When I inherited my parents’ house, there were pieces that I seemed to remember from the 70s and many lids that fit nothing. Throwing them away was hard for maybe a minute. Now, I collect chinese take out plastic – some are not as sturdy, but I do get a few uses out of them, and the lids are clear!

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  5. Fun to think back to those days! I used to have a lot of Tupperwear, but am now down to just two items. I don’t know whatever happened to the rest of them. Funny fact – I used to work for Tupperwear in their local distribution center here. I would figure the dealers invoices, prepare for the weekly dealer meetings, run the newsletter mimeograph machine after typing the stencils, and a lot more office stuff. It was fun. πŸ™‚

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  6. I have my share of Tupperware too, the oldest being a yellow strainer. I store my lids and bottoms separately too but every once in a while I go through the cabinet and organize them all, tossing anything that doesn’t have a match. I get the cheaper kind now made by Glad or even Target brand. Still call it all Tupperware though no matter where it comes from, even the Chinese food containers!

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    1. We still have a colander and a mixing bowl, both in yellow. Mary also gets the Glad containers. She likes them because she can put them in the freezer, so when she makes a big batch of soup or chili she can separate it into meal-size portions. The clear ones are much better because you can see what’s inside….

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  7. My husband and I were married in 1977, and the first gift I got was Tupperware — a set of small pastel containers with lids. Tupperware parties were a big social event for women like me back in those days. We all went to each other’s parties and bought stuff so our hostess earned her points and got her freebies, then had our own parties so we’d get our points and our freebies, and the friends whose parties we’d been to came to ours. I still have several extra-large canisters that I bought back when everything was citrus colors (lime, lemon, and orange). For years I used them for normal things like flour and sugar, but now that I’m an empty nester and almost never bake anymore, they’ve been demoted to storing cat food. A twenty-pound bag of cat food fits very neatly into three of those extra-large canisters. It’s kind of amazing that they’re still in service after more than forty years.

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    1. I think we got rid of most of ours before we moved to Atlanta, though I remember we used a large yellow container for sugar for a while after we moved here. The stuff wore like iron; you got sick of it before it wore out.


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