The “Happy Thanksgiving, Canada” Week That Was

This edition of The Week that was is brought to you by Falstaff and Charlie.

Obviously borrowed Thing from The Addams Family. Three weeks until Halloween, don’t you know…

It looks like a busy week here. I have a home writing project that’s due at the end of the week, so if I seem a little preoccupied, that’s why.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada, happy Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day (whichever you prefer) to everyone in the US, and happy week of October 10 to everyone else.

Didn’t do a Hogan’s Heroes episode this week.Meanwhile, MeTV is almost ready to start showing them from the beginning again. Have to get on the stick…

Here’s the summary for what I did do…

Taking a cue from Cathy, who played Robert Cray’s Strong Persuader, I played an earlier album of his, Bad Influence.

The prompt picture looked like one of those stereogram posters that were all the rage a few years ago, where if you stared at it in the right way, a picture would emerge from the chaos. So, I wrote about the framed poster stores that are (or used to be) in the malls (which appear to be dying off at an alarming rate) and how hanging out at the mall on a weekday evening was a popular activity for traveling businessmen.

Questions included how we felt about sharing passwords with our partners, the greatest struggle we’ve overcome, whether or not we think we’ll go to heaven after we die, what makes us need to be alone, and whether we have any traditions we follow during this time of the year.

We counted down the #11 through #20 songs from the year end Hot 100 of 1983.

My one-liner was an observation about life and the Addams Family.

Mary B asked for a song with "love" in the title, a song with "eye(s)" in the title, and a song with "ride" in the title. I responded with songs by Bobby Vinton, Survivor, and Vanity Fare.

One of Kat’s prompts was to talk about "a website you love to visit," so I wrote about Bublup, a relatively new website that works a lot like Evernote and the other note-taking and archive sites. I’m looking at it as a possible replacement.

My most recently-ended Battle, which involved two young classical gutarists playing "Tico-Tico No Fubá," was won by Lucas Brar. Next battle will be this Friday. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Keith Mansfield, who contributed a lot of music to the KPM music library as well as writing theme songs for a number of TV series, was the featured artist.

The prompt this week was "lid," and I wrote about Tupperware, of which we had plenty when we first got married. A lot of others wrote about Tupperware, too, including someone who pointed out that Tupperware prefers the term "cover" to the term "lid" for that which closes the container off, but who cares, really? In some houses, it’s probably called a "thingy."

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Enjoy your holiday tomorrow (if you’re celebrating one; if not, enjoy your day), and I’ll…

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  1. As usual, you have been a busy camper. California schools do not recognize “Columbus Day” as a holiday. When I taught primary grades we would learn about Columbus. When I learned more and was more aware, I wondered why it was not called Indigenous People’s Day. I have friends who are full Native Americans and they hate the name Columbus Day. I understand why they feel that way.


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