MMMM: Boidies!

I’m the guest conductor this month, and I’m supposed to tell you to add your name and a link to your post to the Linky if you want to participate with us. Unfortunately, I can’t add the Linky itself to my post, but Cathy, Alana, and Stacy all have the Linky on theirs, so stop by one of their sites and add your name to their Linky, if you’ve written a Monday’s Music Moves Me post.

Anyway, I asked all the participants in this weekly orgy of music to provide "bird" songs: songs about birds, songs with birds in the name or lyrics, songs with birds in them, or songs by bands named for birds. I came up with these twelve…

  1. Al Jolson, "When The Red-Red Robin Comes Bob-bob-bobbin’ Along": A 1926 song by Harry Woods. There have been numerous versions of this song, but Jolson’s might be the earliest.
  2. It’s A Beautiful Day, "White Bird": It’s a Beautiful Day was a band out of San Francisco who didn’t reach the level of success that other San Francisco bands (e.g. The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane) did. This was their one big single, which reached #3 in San Francisco but only #118 nationwide.
  3. The Byrds, "Eight Miles High": Moving down the West Coast to Los Angeles and a slightly more successful band, The Byrds released "Eight Miles High" in 1966. Influenced by Ravi Shankar and John Coltrane, this is generally considered the first psychedelic rock song. It reached #14 in 1966.
  4. The Beatles, "And Your Bird Can Sing": From the British version of the album Revolver, it was relocated by Capitol Records to Yesterday… And Today. Written by John, who considered it "pretty paper on an empty box," it’s probably best known for the dual guitar solo that was originally played by Paul and George.
  5. Arthur Lyman Group, "Yellow Bird": The Haitian song "Choucoune" is a 19th Century song by Michael Mouléart Monton based on the poem by Oswald Durant. The English version, "Yellow Bird," was originally done by the Norman Luboff Choir in 1957. Arthur Lyman, an exponent of "exotica" music, did this instrumental version in 1961, when it reached #4 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the Easy Listening chart.
  6. Little Jimmy Dickens, "May The Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose": Inspired by the comic putdowns of Johnny Carson, this was a 1965 hit for Little Jimmy Dickens, who reached #1 on the Country chart and #15 on the Hot 100.
  7. Crow, "Evil Woman": The Minneapolis-based band Crow had a hit in 1969 with this song, which reached #12 on the Hot 100 and #65 in Australia. Black Sabbath covered this on their debut album. Those horns!
  8. Selah, "His Eye Is On The Sparrow": Selah is a contemporary Christian trio, two of whose members from sub-Saharan Africa. "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" is a 1905 hymn by Civilla D. Martin and Charles H. Gabriel.
  9. Julie Andrews, "Spoonful Of Sugar": Written by the Sherman Brothers for the 1964 Disney movie Mary Poppins. The kids are Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber, who played brother and sister in two other Disney films, The Three Lives of Thomasina and The Gnome-Mobile.
  10. A Flock Of Seagulls, "I Ran (So Far Away)": Reached #9 in the US and #1 in Australia in 1982.
  11. The Beatles, "Blue Jay Way": A song by George Harrison from the album Magical Mystery Tour.
  12. James Baskett, "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah": From the 1946 Disney film Song of the South, it won an Academy Award for Best Song in 1947. The movie was based on the "Uncle Remus" stories of Joel Chandler Harris.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for October 11, 2021.

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27 thoughts on “MMMM: Boidies!

  1. SO SORRY I’M LATE! Your blog is amazing & love all the tunes especially, “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah”! A favorite since I was a kid! Instant happiness I call it! ~hehehe~ Have a great day my friend, and sorry I’m so late. HUGS LOVE YOUR TUNES MY FRIEND, but I always love them anyway you say??? Well, I’m rockin’ til’ the sun comes up!!! hahaha LET’S BOOGIE!!!!


  2. Great playlist with several oldies (especially the first song). Another “something for everyone”. I knew yours would be different (in a good way). “I Ran” is an all time favorite. I was a bit surprised that anything from Song of the South has made it onto You Tube but just think – the movie will be in the public domain in 2040. We won’t be there to witness that, though.

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  3. Great song choices involving birds in one form or another:) It stopped playing when Spoonful of Sugar was supposed to come on so i went to Youtube. I like the one song from White Bird. I never heard it before but it is really nice. poor Flock of Seagulls and their one hit wonder but what a hit!


  4. You know that your theme was right up my alley. Love the theme, and I love your playlist. You found so many songs that I just love. Of course, any playlist that begins with a song about robins…well, you know….

    Great theme, thanks for starting my week off so well — Robin


  5. Well done! This will certainly be the most diverse and original playlist I will hear today. There is something for everyone here. Selah has been a favorite group of mine for a number of years and I love that you have included them.


  6. John,

    It’s a Beautiful Day band has that 60s vibe. I can’t say with complete certainty that I’ve heard “White Bird” but it has a familiarity to it. Perhaps, there’s another song that sounds like it that I’m thinking of but I enjoyed hearing it. “And Your Bird Can Sing” is such a feel good song that I couldn’t help myself and found myself boogieing in the kitchen. It’s a good thing I’m not easily embarrassed and it’s just the two of us. 🙂 I haven’t heard “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose” which made me giggle. 🙂 I like Selah’s “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” so lovely and reassuring. You might want to know the Mary Poppins song wouldn’t play. It wanted me to go to YT. I like that you round your set out with such a delightful song, “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah”. I couldn’t help but smile listening to it. Great theme for this week and excellent playlist, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!


    1. If you listen to the lyrics of “And Your Bird Can Sing,” they’re anything but “feel good,” which is the beautiful irony of the song. That guitar, though…

      Disney has been taking a lot of flak for “Song of the South.” I understand it, on the one hand; on the other hand, it was a great movie for its time. And the song is a great one…

      Glad you liked these!


  7. ooooooooo A favorite to start the bird tweetin’! I guess mine are only basic birds! hahahaha So you’re our Honorary Conductor…. well, ALL ABOARD, yells JOHN! CONGRATS and I hope others will follow in your hard to fill shoes!!! HUGS & TALK AT YA LATER MY FRIEND!


    1. Thanks! And your basic birds are fine. I got your post in my feed reader last night, but you had taken it down before I could reply. I’ll swing by today…


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