Weekly Song Challenge #41

Mary B requests the pleasure of the following types of songs:

A Song about a Cheater or Cheating: The Free Movement, "I’ve Found Someone Of My Own"

A Song with Kiss in the title: The Corries, "Ae Fond Kiss"

A Song with Father or Dad in the Title: Tyler Perry, "Father Can You Hear Me" (from Diary of a Mad Black Woman; the singers are Tiffany Evans, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Tamela J. Mann, Chandra Currelley, Terrell Carter, & Anya Washington)

Until next week…

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge #41

  1. John,

    The Free Movement group & song sounds like something I should know but I can’t say for sure I’ve heard it before now. I really like the band and definitely want to hear more by them. Like Mary the last two are new-to-me and both were enjoyable selections. I especially liked the jazzy/gospel style of “Father Can You Hear Me”. Have a wonderful day, my friend!


    1. The Free Movement song reached #5 on the Hot 100 in 1971, when I think you would have been 9, so you probably heard it, depending on how into music you were. Glad you liked the songs!


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