Simply 6 Minutes: Giraffes (& Unicorns)

This week’s prompt

The other day, I saw a meme that had this to say:

How are unicorns fake but a giraffe is real? What’s more believable, a horse with a horn or a leopard-moose-camel with a 40-foot neck?

Good question! All I can say is that I’ve seen giraffes up close and personal, but I have never seen a unicorn.

Seriously, I went to the Honolulu Zoo while I was in Hawaii (you probably figured I was in Hawaii, and not in Honolulu, Kansas), and next to the giraffe enclosure there’s a platform where you can actually get to almost face level with them. They’re really quite beautiful, with big eyes and long lashes, and they’re quite graceful and take life easy. Of course, it’s different in the zoo, where they don’t have to worry about being eaten by a lion…

Remember April, the giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York who was going to give birth, and they put her in an enclosure with cameras on her, so people could watch? I didn’t know this, but she died earlier this year. They euthanized her because she had bad arthritis in her knees, at only 20. I’m 65 and have bad arthritis in my knees. I hope they don’t euthanize me…

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    1. They are, very graceful and placid, at least in captivity. 20 is actually pretty young, since they live as long as 38 years. It seems they could do something, but then I’m not an orthopedist…


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