Song of the Day: The Fifth Dimension, “Up, Up and Away”

I was so tired last night that I forgot to set up the Song of the Day. Sorry about that…

Wikipedia tells us that on this day in 1783, "The Montgolfier brothers’ hot air balloon makes the first human ascent, piloted by Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier." In honor of that event, I give you The Fifth Dimension and their hit from 1967, Jimmy Webb’s "Up, Up and Away," which reached #7 on the Hot 100, #9 on the Easy Listening chart, and #1 in both Canada and Australia.

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  1. It was a hit here, so much so that a local airline, TAA, used it in their advertising so that’s what I associate the music with now (up, up and away, with TAA, the friendly, friendly way). TAA were taken over by Qantas in the early 90s but I guess the advertising worked because I still remember, lol.


    1. Qantas had some of the funniest ads in the US that featured a koala complaining about all the tourists that were coming on the airline. They’d end with the koala saying “I hate Qantas!”

      TWA in the US used the “up, up and away, TWA,” too. Must have had the same ad agency…


  2. My mother had an 8-Track cartridge of the 5th Dimension album with this song on it. I listened to this whole album quite often. The group did some wonderful music including this uplifting tune.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. They did a lot of songs by Laura Nyro, too. They always seemed to be having such a good time, the five of them singing and dancing together. It was hard to feel down when they were singing, even if they were doing a sad song like “One Less Bell To Answer.” They were on Ed Sullivan a lot; he had a lot of African American acts on his show, even in the face of sponsors threatening to withdraw their ads. I like that about him…

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  3. As a young kid in the 60’s I was more exposed to county music than pop–but that is one of those songs I remember hearing a lot- and one which even at a young age stuck in my head.

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