What If….? No…. #socs

In lieu of anything more appropriate, here’s a cat with a laptop

If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you? If I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true, and help me understand? If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? If a tree falls in the forest, and it hits a mime, does anyone care? If a = b and b = c, then a = c: that’s the law of transitivity. (That line is the closest I’ll ever come to being a poet.)

Do you ever tell yourself, "if I (did something you didn’t), then I’d be happy?" Pretty futile, isn’t it? Trust me, I know. What’s even worse is "if ONLY I…" because then you’re beating yourself up because you think that one decision made early in your life had been different, it would have changed everything. Even a decision to have 7up instead of Pepsi or to have worn a different shirt on a particular day, something that small, would have meant you would have been infinitely happier than you are today. Would that it were that easy…

What does any of this mean? I’m not sure…

Linda runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now this word from Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

11 thoughts on “What If….? No…. #socs

  1. Fun with philosophy! I like to believe that minor decisions are like detours leaving room for course corrections if something’s really meant to be, but you never know for sure.


  2. If only that stupid umpire had made the correct call then maybe it would be the Giants in the next phase instead of the Dreaded Dodgers. Please tell your Atlanta Braves to knock their socks off!

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