The Mid-October Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Schlitz.

I’m most of the way through my writing project (Mary wants me to write the stories of my misspent youth, I think I mentioned that). I’ve got a couple of stories to write, so I’m not out of the woods yet. But it’s coming along. So, let’s review last week…

As the guest conductor for MMMM this month, I decreed that last Monday’s theme would be birds, be they songs about birds, songs with birds chirping, songs by artists with bird’s names, etc. I came up with twelve. Funny thing, I don’t remember anyone choosing Paul McCartney’s "Blackbird," but then I have a little trouble remembering…

Questions included the scariest game (board or electronic) I ever played, what’s just "over the rainbow" for me, whether I have to watch something funny or pleasant after watching a scary movie, and whether I thought there was intent behind every action. Interesting that Ouija boards were the most popular "scary" game.

I did two "simply six minutes" things this week: the first had a picture that reminded me of some of the dreams I have, while the second was a picture of a giraffe. In the former case, I wrote about my dreams (something I do frequently here) while in the latter I wrote about giraffes, which I find to be pretty amazing animals.

I counted down songs #11 thru #20 from 1984’s year-end Hot 100.

Breaking with tradition, I posted something that was more inspirational than funny or snarky. What’s wrong with me?

I chose a song about cheating, a song with "kiss" in the title, and a song with "father" or "Dad" in the title. I hope you enjoyed them.

Kat wanted a post inspired by the word "eighteen," most likely because her daughter just reached that pivotal age. I wrote a post with eighteen lines in it. I included a video of a warthog knocking a man on his backside. I got a laugh out of that one.

My current battle features the bossa nova classic, "Chega de Saudade," done by two quartets that are fronted by very good chanteuses. I’ll count the votes and declare the winner this coming Friday, so if you get a chance, have a listen to the songs and cast your vote. Anyone can vote!

Johnny Pearson, who’s written a lot of library music, a few of which have become theme songs for TV shows, was the featured artist.

Our prompt was to start our stream of consciousness with the word "if." I listed a couple of first lines of songs, a Far Side cartoon punch line, and a theorem from Math, then made a point about second-guessing yourself.