MMMM: YouTube Roulette

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I worked with this guy who claimed he had a perfect system for winning at roulette in Las Vegas. It took him 45 minutes to explain it, and I can’t remember any of it. We were having our big user conference in Las Vegas one year, and he gave someone he worked with (I worked in a different office from him) $20 and explicit instructions on how to play it. Needless to say, she lost it all on the first ball.

Anyway, I had two candidates for my Song Lyric Sunday entry yesterday. The one I didn’t use ended up being a good start for this round of YouTube Roulette. Each song led to another, and they all seemed to be from the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

I’ll just list them out, in the interest of time…

  1. The Five Americans, "Western Union"
  2. Every Mother’s Son, "Come On Down To My Boat"
  3. Keith, "98.6"
  4. The Cyrkle, "Red Rubber Ball"
  5. Cliff Nobles, "The Horse"
  6. The Monkees, "Mary, Mary"
  7. Harry Nilsson, "Everybody’s Talkin’"
  8. Mark Lindsay, "Arizona"
  9. The Fortunes, "You’ve Got Your Troubles"
  10. The Grass Roots, "Midnight Confessions"
  11. The Stone Poneys, "Different Drum"
  12. Oliver, "Good Morning Starshine"

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That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for October 18, 2021.

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8 thoughts on “MMMM: YouTube Roulette

  1. John,

    Great playset! I forgot to come back over yesterday to listen to your music picks. I’m in the midst of buckling down security settings on various online sites and switching my email from Google to my host site personal email. This is time consuming to say the least. I’m doing other security related things, too. Anywho, I really enjoyed your oldies playing in the background. I have to wonder if the problem with the female co-worker not winning at roulette is because A) She didn’t follow the instructions to the letter or B) The instructions were flawed. 🙂 The good news is it wasn’t her $20 she was gambling away. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


    1. I think it was more like C) they didn’t work. 🤣

      As long as you’re doing security stuff, do you have a password manager? I use LastPass and have been really happy with it. It keeps the passwords and, when you go to sign in, will populate the user ID and password fields. It lets you know when you should change the passwords and will generate a strong password for you. And, it also keeps things like credit card numbers and bank account numbers so you don’t have to type them in (except the first time, of course), which thwarts keystroke loggers. And, if you use public wi-fi networks (like at Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A), you should have a VPN (virtual private network), which hides your location by making it look like you’re somewhere else. I use Norton Secure VPN, but there are others out there, like NordVPN. You can’t be too careful these days…


  2. With all those oldies, this was such a fun YouTube Roulette post for this senior! I had one of these songs on a 45, Red Rubber Ball, which was co written by Paul Simon. So of course I like it. My husband adored “The Horse” and even remembered who did it. And then, of course, The Stone Poneys included a young Linda Ronstadt and “Different Drum” was written by future Monkee Mike Nesmith.

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    1. I think every kid in the neighborhood had the 45 of “Red Rubber Ball.” It was just that kind of song that appealed to us.

      “The Horse” was just an instrumental version (actually the same song with the vocals taken out) of “Love Is All Right,” which was on the flip side (originally the vocal version was the A side, but it was the B side that caught on).

      At that point in her career, Linda Ronstadt could have sung the directions for Sani-Flush and guys would be falling in love with her. So sad that MS has taken her voice…


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