Simply 6 Minutes: A Simian “Private Moment”

I used to love to go to the zoo, because more often than not you’d catch the animals being, well, animals. Spend enough time at the zoo, you’ll see at least half a dozen animals relieving themselves, and if you’re really lucky (or not), you’ll catch a couple of them mating, or as we like to say, "having a private moment."

When I first saw the picture above, I thought we were looking at a "private moment," then I realized that no, the gorllia underneath was giving the gorilla on top a horsey-back ride. Will that lead to anything else? I have no idea, and frankly I’d rather not think about it.

We were at Hilton Head about 30 years ago, and there was a duck pond with ducks swimming around. One duck (pretty sure it was male) swam over to another (pretty sure it was female) and started poking her with his beak. Mary said "Is that some kind of mating ritual?" As if on cue… you guessed it. We wandered away quickly, as if we had anything to do with it.

The gorillas in the picture above are silverbacks, which is also the name of a swim team here in the suburbs of Atlanta. I wonder if they have cheers…?

Gimme an “O”!


Gimme an “O”!


Gimme an “O”!


Gimme an “O”!


What’s that spell?

OO! OO! OO! OO!….

If I ever meet any of the parents, I’ll be sure to ask…

I was going to tell the story of Samson, the gorilla at the Milwaukee Zoo that we (OK, I) spent most of an afternoon trying to get him to give the finger, but I’ve already told that. So I’ll let you read it…

Christine Bialczak runs Simply 6 Minutes.

13 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: A Simian “Private Moment”

  1. Piggyback ride looks like fun and The is a funny picture. I remember going to African Wild Safari with my Aunt and Uncle and their 3 kids. You can drive through it with your own car, if you don’t mind the baboons grabbing pieces of your car and ripping them off. Well, my Uncle, The head of the German Dept. At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor stopped the car and was just so intrigued at the lion going at it with his one female. He was getting the binoculars out and saying to look. It may me think he was really weird. This was a man that had. Hard time showing any emotion and never ever hugged..


  2. John,

    I remember the first time I saw an animal mating. I was very small perhaps 5th or 6th grade. I think it was two ducks. In the eye of a small child, I thought one duck was being really mean the other duck jumping on the one one flapping its wings crazily. Concerned what I was seeing, I asked my mommy about it and she just reassured me that everything was ok. A couple of years later I figured out how animals ‘got it on’ and in reflection figured out what the two ducks were doing. Animals act on behavior coded into their DNA without thought. They just do it without a forethought whereas humans are programmed to do personal things for the most part in private. You always share the most interesting stories. 🙂


  3. This post makes my day. Hilarious. Reminds me of a vacation to Lion Country Safari. The lions were mating as we drove by. It went right over my head though. I thought they were “wrestling”.

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  4. John, that is funny! We used to have chickens and I will never forget the day I had to explain to my daughter and my niece that the rooster was not trying to kill the hens! Chicken sex became the norm after that! Lol. Thanks for participating!


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