Five For Friday: Bernard Gérard

So I was looking through Spotify and YouTube for candidates for today’s look into the instrumental world, and found French composer Bernard Gérard, who wrote scores for movies I hadn’t heard of, not being an aficionado of the French cinema. But I liked his music, and hope you will, too…

  1. Méchoui: From the 1967 film La Grande Sauterelle (The Great Grasshopper).
  2. Tragic Romance: From the album Classic Romance by Gérard and Daniel White.
  3. Tempo VI: From an album called Tempo, subtitled "musique pour l’éducation psychometrice" ("music for psychometric education"). Couldn’t find the album at Discogs, so it must have been a French disc.
  4. Metropolitan Waltz: A song from 1971 (I knew there was an early ’70’s vibe!), which was, according to the description, "the callsign for Jean-Pierre Foucault’s program."
  5. Le Crocodile Porte Clé Or "The Crocodile Keychain," from a 2012 album on Purple Pyramid Records called Indie Psyche Rock: Rare Recordings From The Attic. Didn’t find this on Discogs, either.

Bernard Gérard, your Five For Friday, October 22, 2021.

3 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Bernard Gérard

  1. I enjoyed listening to this man’s work even though I never heard it before. You can tell it is from the era but it works for me.


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