BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Chega de Saudade” Results

I haven’t announced the winner of my latest Battle of the Bands, in which two bossa nova bands, NOVA and The Irene Miranda Quartet, duked it out to see which one did a better version of Tom Jobim’s "Chega de Saudade" ("No More Blues"). The votes have (finally) been counted, and here’s what we have…

NOVA – 5

  • Kip
  • Dan
  • Arlee
  • Eugi
  • Birgit

Irene Miranda Quartet – 2

  • Willow
  • Stephen

Congratulations to NOVA and a pat on the back to Irene Miranda and her Quartet.

We didn’t have as many votes as we had the last two rounds. I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t pin the BotB post to the top of my blog, and evidently, that’s what happens. I’ll start doing that for my next battle, scheduled for November 1, 2021. See you then!

8 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Chega de Saudade” Results

  1. John,

    I thought I voted in this battle but I don’t see my name so I guess I missed out. I’m sorry for not participating, my friend. I’ll get you on the 1st.


  2. I think pinning your BotB post to the top of your blog helps. That’s where I look for current events, otherwise, I would miss many of your posts because you post more than once a day. I don’t use the Reader and mostly go by the notifications I get via email and the notifications via WP.


    1. NOVA is particularly good: they’ve been playing together for a few years, and Laura Vall is a particularly talented chanteuse. I liked the other band, too: Irene Miranda is another fine singer. Maybe not as in-control as Laura, but sometimes that’s a good thing.


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