Share Your World For 25 Oct 2021

Melanie has the questions, I have the GIFs….

Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark forest or in an abandoned building. A guy with a knife.

Or a woman…

Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds? Yes, I do. I also believe in multiple universes which run in parallel.

Sorry, you want the universe next door…

Would you ever go to a graveyard at night? Why not? I’ve actually done that.

Ub Iwerks was a genius. A genius, I tell ya…

What is the most frightening book you’ve ever read? I don’t read anything frightening per se. There was a pretty disturbing (to me, anyway) description of a Black Mass in Ed McBain’s Vespers, but the rest of it was the usual whodunit.

The church on the cover of Vespers looked a littl like this

If you could have a spooky Halloween pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf), which would you pick out of the five choices? I would guess everyone knows my answer to this…

I love black cats…

What are you grateful for? The Braves winning the National League Championship!

Freddie’s excited…

17 thoughts on “Share Your World For 25 Oct 2021

  1. Thanks, John, for Sharing Your World and your usual magnificent GIFs! I always chuckle at how well they pair with the question! 🙂 Black cats are indeed #1 in the ‘SYW Polls”, it seems a lot of folks would enjoy a black cat (or any color of cat come right down to it). Anything to do with Satanism is nasty IMHO. A black mass is something I could not abide to see or read about. I like Ed McBain though, so might give the book a peek, although I will skip that description unless it is really integral to the plot. I loved the little skeleton dance GIF the best though, I admit. I’ve seen that cartoon clip and it is just so much fun….but they made ’em good back in those days, didn’t they? Have a great week John!


    1. Ub Iwerks, who did the skeleton cartoon (and a couple of others, I believe) was a genius, as was Max Fleischer. Both of them did macabre cartoons (as well as cartoons that weren’t so scary), both had an excellent sense of how the body worked and moved, and both had vivid imaginations.

      I think there were only a couple of scenes in “Vespers” that featured Satanic rituals. The rest is standard Ed McBain/Evan Hunter police procedural.

      Glad you enjoyed this!


  2. I used to live across the road from a graveyard (no longer used for burials), and cutting through it was a shortcut so I used it a lot, day or night.


  3. Love all your lil’ pics here my friend! ANYWAY, HI – I’M BACK! Wow sure took a long time to figure things out & needless to say I have a new computer now too! Had a big hack with bugs in my old one. Drove me bonkers, but that’s over & I’m on the road to recovery! I totally loved your picks all this month. They were great. I hope you’re a honorary conductor soon again! You’re are the best! HAPPY HALLOWEEN & have a great weekend my friend!


    1. Good idea, just replace everything… Hey, works for me.

      Glad you enjoyed the themes I came up with for MMMM this month. I’ll be sure to sign up for one or two months next year.

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  4. Once I went to a very old cemetery at night. It was so old that it wasn’t marked as a cemetery even though some of the graves had headstones dating back to the early to mid 1800’s. It was creepy, but I can’t say I was scared. Although it did bother me when a couple of guys in our group actually stole one of the headstones and later left it on the male English teacher’s doorstep. He knew who had done it and he was pissed. I just thought it was really disrespectful. I guess later they took it back to replace it on the grave.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. One interesting feature of life in my neck of the woods is that there are little graveyards literally everywhere. You’ll be driving along and suddenly you’ll see half a dozen headstones where you wouldn’t expect them, like near a busy road or on a busy corner. There’s a dead strip mall near us, and behind one of the stores is this private graveyard with 5 or 6 headstones there. Some of them are probably from the Civil War era. Space is at such a premium here that they just built up around them.

      Your friends were probably afraid they’d be haunted to the end of their days if they didn’t put the headstone back. And it’d serve them right…


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